The Bachelor Finale: Who Did Sean Lowe Pick?!

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After a winter full of twists, turns, cat fights and The Bachelor spoilers, it all came down to this. The 17th winner of ABC's reality hit is revealed at last.

After four hometown dates, three emotional overnight dates and an intense Women Tell All Special, The Bachelor finale delivered more drama.

Sean Lowe, The Letter

There was the letter. The talks with family. The tears. The turmoil. The joy. The painful decision between two women, Catherine Giudici and Lindsay Yenter.

So who did our man Sean Lowe pick in the end, and was there any last-second game-changer? Follow the jump to see who won, and share your reaction.

Spoilers ahead, obviously. Sean Lowe just gave his final rose to ...

Catherine Giudici!

Surprised? Thrilled? Enraged? Confused? Shrugging your shoulders? The Bachelor has a way of instilling all of these emotions, often simultaneously.

In the end, despite all the buzz over the letter, it played out mostly like past seasons, with both of the final two appearing at the final rose ceremony.

Lindsay Yenter was rejected. It was devastating. Sean Lowe then gave his final rose to Catherine Giudici and rode off into the sunset on an elephant.

End of somewhat over-hyped story. At least when it came to the letter.

It ended up being from Catherine, but despite two hours of misdirection from host Chris Harrison, she did not break up with him. It was a love letter.

He proposed. She said yes. They're engaged. Or even more than that?!

Sean Lowe, Catherine Giudici

On the After the Final Rose special, we've been promised another announcement re: Sean and Catherine. Are they still together? What are their plans?

Chris promised this "breaking" reveal on After the Final Rose. Big surprise.

First, Lindsay Yenter came out and confronted Sean for the first time since that day in Thailand, and she handled things about as well as she could have.

Then, the happy couple reunited and gushed about one another. A lot.

The announcement teased for almost three hours? They are very much still together and engaged ... and getting married on ABC, wedding date TBA.

A little anticlimactic there, ABC, but we're happy they're still happy.

And finally, Desiree Hartsock was announced as The Bachelorette!

Many updates will soon follow. In the meantime, share your reaction to The Bachelor season finale in the comments below, and by voting in our surveys.

Did Sean make the right call, or were you pulling for Lindsay? Will he and Cat beat the odds and make it to the altar? We're dying to know what you think:

Which girl did you want to win the final rose tonight?

Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici: Will it last?


It seems that Sean can't get enough of being on TV. What is he doing on DWTS now instead of getting to really know his bride to be in a deeper way before (and if ) they get married? Is he addicted to the attention? If so, Lindsay is the lucky one. Seems to me that Catherine is going along with the gig. What a way to start a marriage!


I think Sean and Catherine are a good fit. I think most people liked Lindsay but I felt she was not mature enough for Sean. Unfortunately they are in different places. It was also refreshing to see that after watching the season's episodes, Catherine wasn't doubting Sean's affections - another mature sign. I also think Sean's family will be very good for Catherine and could strengthen their relationship. Congrats to them both.


I did have my doubts about Catherine, but after watching these 2 last night, I feel as If Sean made the right choice. They are so in love, & I just hope it lasts. I must admit thou, I never liked Lindsay, & thought she acted like a child, but she certainly proved me wrong, & was a perfect lady when Sean rejected her. Kudos to her. I hope Sean & Cat the best, & let's hope this one lasts. THese shows DO NOT have the greatest track record....


While I'm happy that these two have found love, I still think it's sad that they can get married after meeting on television a few shorts months ago yet my gay friends who searched for years to find each other and have built lives together are not afforded the rights of civil marriage that Sean and Catherine will enjoy.


Should have picked Gemima, or Penelope instead. They were grrrrrrrrreat!


Should have picked Gemima, or Penelope instead. They were grrrrrrrrreat!


This show is the fakest show I've ever seen. Every season they always pick a girl and then get engaged but by summer it's over.


Did anyone notice how Catherine's legs were open in a dress when talking to Sean's father. What was up with that?? Girl, close them legs or cross them!!


I thought so..............................A DAMN FAGGOT!!


I think Sean is more in love than Catherine.

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