Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici: Will They Last?

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Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici got engaged Monday on The Bachelor finale, then went and dropped the "bombshell" that they want to marry on ABC.

The future looked nothing but bright for the gushing couple last night, but the honeymoon (so to speak) is over, and the real work has yet to begin.

Will their love last - and will they actually make it to the altar?

As we know with franchise, the track record is not what you'd call good. Just a handful of unions have resulted from 16 Bachelors and seven Bachelorettes.

In recent years, however, the results have somewhat improved, thanks to Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney and Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum.

Past performance is not a perfect indicator of course, because every season - and couple - is different. Sean and Cat certainly have great chemistry.

Still, some critics say that while the smitten pair has a blast together, there is something lacking, and building blocks of lasting love may elude them.

Reaction to Sean and the happy-go-lucky, hilarious, bubbly Catherine Giudici definitely improved as the season progressed, but is still mixed.

Some fans preferred him with runner-up Lindsay Yenter, third-place finisher AshLee Frazier or even The Bachelorette-in-waiting Desiree Hartsock.

They certainly seem confident in their future, though, and if anyone seems grounded enough to make it last through this difficult phase, it's Sean.

Then again, he's already going Dancing With the Stars ... and we know how well that worked out for Jake Pavelka. We know, they're not the same at all.

Still, it makes you wonder. Can any relationship survive this adjustment period as the duo acclimates to real life? Some can, but some can not.

Will Cat and Sean beat the odds? Time will tell. But you tell us for now:

Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici: Will they last?


Sean & Catherine's journey on the Bachelor was the most real, may have slowly progressed but that was what made it special & genuine for me. Fans of the other contestants are bitter bcoz Sean picked Catherine over their fav. Some say they're headed for a break up just bcoz of the Bachelor track record of failed relationships., I wish them their happily ever after.


They may make it until it's starts to tarnish. When the excitement of this ABC sponsored thing and that ABC sponsored thing. After that is over and they are in the real world, ho-hum. Catherine is too immature----and it appears Sean is too. DWTS and a TV wedding. They are playacting. It's not real. Who knows if they decided to honeymoon already? Who knows a lot??????Things don't stack straight. Sounds like another Ben/Courtney. Ride the act until it's all squeezed out.

Lana bryne
@ Sassy1000001

absolutely NOT...Bthey are nothin like Ben & clearly did not watch season 17 w/ Sean & Catherine!! them both, I wish them their happily ever after.


I don't believe Catherine is into this like Sean. If you listened to the night before she talked about engagement parties, on the live show he cried seeing the proposal, she laughed. A girl ready to get married so fast. Not being inconsiderate but look at the home her mother lives in and the home life she comes from. Look at the big prize. Wouldn't you grab it quick before it disappears. She is all for herself. NOT GOING TO LAST.

Lana bryne
@ phy44

She explained she was laughing @ how she looked like she was ready to pass out, you can see during the proposal how genuinely touched & emotional she was.The fact that she didn't even look @ the ring until Sean pointed it out to her, says a lot, she was overcome w/ joy, she obviously is NOT materialistic. And what's wrong w/ where her mom lives & her home life?Her mom is a special ed teacher, Catherine graduated BS advertising & graphic designs. Both her sister graduated college.They are a respectable, family oriented & accomplished people.I find your comment offensive. & shameful.


Catherine was my favorite after I saw how genuinly into each other they were when they were in the snow. Notice, how his smile looks when he's around her. I think they will last because they've already gone through all in the Bachelor. I can't wait for their wedding and their babies. They make an awesome couple. Most of the other girls were pretty nice too - but the heart lets you know, and their hearts, great kissing, loving fun together shows they are really happy together. Lindsey J. was sweet, but that baby talk would have gotten annoying real quick. Good luck to her, she'll find her love. Sean and Catherine you make us proud after all that the Bachelor put you through.


It will not last because Sean went on DWTS. He will be in another woman's arms dancing and three is a crowd when courting to get married. Not a good move at all.


It most def will not last, i would bet my life on it. There was no connection, she is too independant to be a housewife like sean wants. Im suprised he didnt pick the prettier girls who showed more attention and affection.


If they do get married in less than a year, I hate to say it but will be purely b/c they want to have sex. Because he is supposedly aone "virgin" reborn...if they do married SOON it will be for that reason and thatI reason only....And THAT is really sad!


There is something not right about this. The fact that he told lindsay he loved her at the alter was ridiculous. I think it was always between Catherine and Desiree..and b/c he is very much a child he could not deal with putting her brother in his place and fight for his woman...instead he took the easy way out...Catherine, who seems to be a very lovely girl, beautiful...I think they will wake up one day, come to their senses and move on. He should have picked Lindsay


They are rushing to get married and he is doing DWTS. I think they are going at this like it is a job. Getting paid by the network. This is not the right reason to get married. Last? No!

@ Mom

If they weren't so genuily in love that would be the case. But these two are giddy in love. The DWTS brings in a paycheck.


Cmon you people out there. Give these two a chance as they are truly in love. If I am proven wrong then I will never watch another Bachelor show again. True it is a short time that they are truly together, but they will grow and she seems like a lovely person and he is deliious. Give them some time as maybe these two will work out. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

@ glo

You can feel their love - the other couple that just got married were also very in love.

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