American Idol Top 10 Recap: Who Was the Best?

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The American Idol Top 10 gave it their all Wednesday with "Songs of the Idols," i.e. tracks used on the show by previous contestants or later released by winners.

Basically, hooray for Kelly Clarkson tributes!

It's hard to handicap a clear favorite right now, but as Randy Jackson put it, Angie Miller, Candice Glover, and Kree Harrison look like they're in it to win it.

Take a look at those strong efforts below:

The vocals and performances of the above three seemed to put them in the top tier last night, though there are many weeks (and voter surprises) to come.

As for the best - and worst - of the rest? Read on ...

We'd rank Amber Holcomb, Burnell Taylor and Janelle Arthur in the middle tier. Nothing too groundbreaking last night, but probably good enough to stay put.

Here are the three of them doing their thing:

In the bottom tier we've got Lazaro Arbos, Curtis Finch, Jr., Paul Jolley, and Devin Velez. Just not seeing all that much from any of them right now.

Agree? Disagree? Watch them now:

You tell us - are we on the money in our summation of the field, or do we have it totally wrong? Share your comments below and vote in our Idol poll:

Who do you think was the best of the Top 10?


Angie needs to go,she is so annoying


Devin Velez has one of the most beautiful singing voices....this is a singing competition. I'm praying he wins!


I think Candice is amazing singer . I honestly would love for her to sing river deep mountain high by Tina Turner.


All of the women are fantastic singers. If any one of them is sent home tonight, it would be so wrong. Frankly, it's a shame that Idol is sticking to the format of starting out with equal numbers of men and women in the top 10. IMO only 2 of the guys can sing on key, Devon and Paul. The other guys are taking up spaces that should have gone to the ladies.


Angie by far is the best, the panel will boost Clover to win it all and that's the way it is.


candace and kree are absolutely the best. they will go far. CAROL - you are a bitch!!!!


I think Angie is amazing. Candice is really good. And then Amber has a pretty nice voice for her age. But I really think Angie will win this year. I think it will come down to Angie and Candice in the final 2. Good Luck to all of them.


Dear Carol,
Shame on you.


Ever since Angie Miller sang her own song "You Set Me Free" There is no way i wont always vote her tops! It touched me so much in a spiritual way! She is a True Artist! And since then all her performances have been amazing! That being said OMG, Kree Harrison is stellar also and she deserves it too! Her voice is intoxicating what an artist! Her personal story of losing both parents is so touching and to see where she is at today is amazing! I know she also is a woman of Faith as is Angie and I can see the Holy Spirit in them both. And last but not least Candice Glover is absolutely amazing too! She is a Truly Blessed and gifted woman! No doubt she deserves it too! It is definitely the girls season to win! In reality Angie, Kree, Candice and Amber are all Tops and Janelle is just below them but she does have an amazing country voice!


Curtis Finch was really awful, yet Keith was the only one who mentioned it (his being off key), but did so very gently. Guess they know how good he's been and didn't want to be negative. Wish Nikki had not been late. Would love to have heard her take.

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