Amanda Bynes' Family: Worried About Her!

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Amanda Bynes' family is increasingly concerned about the (retired) actress and want to move her back to L.A. Of course, she has no interest in this.

At issue? Her bizarre behavior from the moment she fled to NYC, and even prior to that, when she was involved in myriad traffic incidents in 2012.

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Lately, though, her antics have gone from lovably nutty to weirdly worrisome.

The cheek piercings, the eviction, the Tweet about Drake murdering her vagina ... all of this has family and friends growing "concerned for her welfare."

Her West Coast-based family wants her to move out of the Big Apple, but she refuses, which makes it difficult for them to step in and help.

Still, Amanda's family is willing to do whatever it takes, reportedly.

They might want consider taking the LAX-JFK red eye tonight.


Whatever is going on with her, whether it's drugs, or a breakdown, I hope she gets better really soon...She was such a sweet girl and good actress.


Did Drake shuck the clam?


Cheek thingy's, stupid. And Amanda is getting too old for antics.


no need to, it's just her age. will pass.


She totally needs help, i hope she gets the help that she needs as soon as possible


Amanda never seemed to be the type to go off the deep end. She retires from acting then suddenly flips out... Hmmmm seems to me like she needs professional help before she harms herself or someone else. Hopefully she gets help asap.


If they're worried enough, they'll go to NY & take steps to save her from herself. Britney's parents didn't wait for Britney to ask for their help.


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