Amanda Bynes to Drake: Murder My Vagina!

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Amanda Bynes wants Drake to give it to her pretty bad apparently.

Having already mentioned that Drake is hot in a previous Tweet, she took her love for the rapper to a new level last night, telling her followers bluntly:

"I want Drake to murder my vagina."

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Bynes' behavior since she was charged with DUI and a couple of hit-and-run accidents last year has been bizarre to say the least, but this ... wow.

Just wow. We don't know what to say.

Drake has yet to respond to Amanda's compelling offer to massacre her genitalia, but doesn't strike us as the type to engage in any kind of violence.

Chris Brown brawls notwithstanding.

AB to D

What do you think? Should he ransack that va-jay-jay or what?

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Wow...what the heck? That is unbelievably slutty. Especially for an actress in movies to tweet out? It would be bad enough for an average girl to tweet out.


Chris Brown heard about the tweet and vowed to murder the rest of Amanda Bynes.


Stab it with the sushi sword until she can't move!


What's with all the foul talk about Amanda B. If she want the D from Dreezy Drake so what. Don't be a hater on the them both. Everyone is not perfect. Just keep on reading an show some support.


Her family needs to do something asap


If he won't, I will,


My heart goes out to her. I hope her family comes out here to NY and helps her, and soon. She's going through something serious.


Gross!! Just want to be another Lindsey. She is nasty. I guess her fame wasn't enough... She has to turn trashy!


I wouldnt touch that with chris browns dick


Wow, thats blunt and in your face! Stab my vagina to death with your penis! Very frigen classy, she has gone downhill alot