$22 Minimum Wage: Sort of Proposed by Elizabeth Warren

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Elizabeth Warren has proposed what some believe is a radical idea: a minimum wage hike up to $22 per hour.


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    Something a lot of people, including business seem to fail to realize is this: Employment is driven by customers. In order for a business to have customers, people need to have money to buy things. People making 7.25/hr do not have disposable income, and thus can only be customers to places that provide them with living necessities. So this race to the bottom for efficiency and cost reductions has left us with a situation where there is nothing left to squeeze, the money is not trickling down. Trickle down economics didn't work a century ago, it doesn't work now either. Back then they called it the horse-and-sparrow theory: 'If you feed the horse enough oats, some will pass through to the road for the sparrows."


    I have a college degree make a decent living and don't make $22/hr..... that is not also retarded and would hurt the economy, but it is also a blatent disrespect to people who have worked hard to get where they are in life.

    @ Vendria

    I'm so glad your degree makes you soooo worthy seeing how the girl a wal-mart just doesn't Work. Spoiled brat. Btw my husband doesn't have a degree and he makes double that. I make prob what you make and we worked just as hard ...prob harder


    THIS IS MORONIC. A simple raise to even $9 an hr would be catastrophic. What none of the 50+% of morons who thought this was fair don't comprehend is that Corp America will ALWAYS win. If it were even only to $9. costs at the store will be raised as Corp america won't budge on it's profit margin. In addition, small businesses would either not be able to hire new employees or would have to let someone go to cover the new overhead in labor cost. NOW take the poor schlub making $9 an hr now, he won't get a raise and will now end up screwed into the working poor class. WHAT NEEDS to happen is govt to be accountable for their over spending, get the deficit fixed (will allow the US dollar to regain value with alone wil help the everyday person), they need to end NAFTA. The US govt caused this imbalance and they should be the ones to fix it. A min wage increase at this point would kill this nation esp if some idiot would want to raise it to $22 an hr. You people that found it fair are delusional.

    @ William Albright

    Well said !!! You should/could be in office.


    This is absolutely ridiculous. Who the fuck possibly believes this will be beneficial to the working class? Layoffs will be rampant, and cost of labor will skyrocket. This cannot, and will never happen.


    Nice thought but it will never happen.
    1980 minimum wage in Florida was $3.50
    and only $7.25 now. That is pathetic yet
    this is the modern world...

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