Vanderpump Rules Season Finale Promo: The Truth Comes Out!

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This Monday, the truth will finally come out on Vanderpump Rules.

On the SHOCKING season finale of Bravo's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills spinoff, we will learn at last whether Frank's claim about Jax is legit.

If you missed it, SUR bartender Frank revealed that Jax cheated on his longtime live-in girlfriend (and SUR waitress) Stassi with a stripper in Vegas.

Who he impregnated.

Lisa Vanderpump's restaurant, where Scheana Marie also works, has been deeply divided over the claim. Did he or didn't he? We shall soon. Find. Out.

Shannon konkel

I'm addicted to this new show!! I hope they keep it on :)


why is it anyone saying jax affair happened 3 years ago before before Stassi

Shannon konkel
@ Paulette A.leach

If you watch the show faithfully, Jax formally stated that he had sex with a woman in Vegas 2 yrs ago and got her pregnant, when in fact, is was 2 months prior to the break up. He lied to everyone. Including his best friends.


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@ coln

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@ Denise

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