Scheana Marie Jancan is allegedly the newest plaything of John Mayer as of late April 2009. Who knows whether or not this rumor is true,...

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Monday on Bravo's Vanderpump Rules Season 3 Episode 3, we saw Lisa and her cast of characters preparing for the grand opening of her bar venture.

Who's PUMPed up for that?! (See what we did there?!)

Naturally, this meant lots of budget and schedule analysis on Vanderpump Rules Season 3 Episode 3, and also plenty of work to be done for all involved.

So who got closure? And who got kicked to the curb?

After getting fired by Lisa Vanderpump last week, someone either doesn’t know what "fired" means, or he was too busy taking Beamer selfies that he forgot.

James Kennedy, everyone. What a douche.

The British thorn in Tom Sandoval's side actually showed up ready for work SUR, where Lisa had just terminated him after his epic fight with Tom.

Peter did the honors a second time here.

However, will the third time be the charm? After penning a heartfelt letter to Lisa, James Kennedy was REINSTATED as SUR’s most famous busser!

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Vanderpump Rules star and apparent aspiring singer Scheana Marie has released a hot new single entitled “Shake That,” and it's certainly make you shake something.

Probably your head, or your fist at the screen after listening to this ...

Scheana released the track this week, featuring a very sexy Britney Spears-inspired single cover, and said the pop icon has always been her inspiration.

“Britney has always been my idol,” the reality star and former Eddie Cibrian mistress says. “But I wasn’t even trying to make it a Britney picture at first!"

"I knew I wanted neon colors in the cover, so when I had Googled artwork with neon, the ‘Britney Jean’ album cover was one of the things that came up.

"I was like, ‘Oh, what if I just kind of recreate that picture?’ I’m really happy with how it came out. It’s my favorite song I’ve done so far. How can I top it?”

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Vanderpump Rules Season 3 Episode 2 proved to us that, well, the Bravo reality show's title is no misnomer. Lisa Vanderpump rules, and with an iron fist if need be.

The boss was all kinds of fired up on Vanderpump Rules Season 3 Episode 2, laying the SMACK down on SUR staffers for some of their recent shenanigans.

Like what, you ask? And who got FIRED as a result? Let's recap ...

As you know if you watch Vanderpump Rules online, this crew likes to party. Well, that has a downside, and we're not just talking about Instagram wars.

Tom Sandoval and his British, selfie-loving DJ foil James, who came to blows at Scheana Marie’s birthday party, sparked some changes at the restaurant.

Everyone involved feared that the HBIC might drop the hammer on them after they got into yet another public melee, but would Lisa really go that far?

Before we learned the staff members' fate, other important matters had to be covered. Literally, in the case of Jax Taylor's tattoo of Stassi Schroeder's name.

With a black rose, no less. So symbolic.

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Bravo's Vanderpump Rules Season 3 Episode 1 kicked off another season of friendship, romance, passive-aggressive arguing and hard core feuds at SUR.

What did we learn, and where do things stand, after last night's return?

Well, that any hope for a drama-free season went out the window fast.

Indeed, things may have been relatively sanguine at the onset, but it didn't take long before the "Instafight" broke out on Vanderpump Rules Season 3 Episode 1.

If you watch Vanderpump Rules online, you know there's no love lost between Scheana and Stassi, who moved on to greener pastures last season.

Well, as things got underway Monday night, we saw Jax doing pushups in his apartment, talking about how his life has changed since the Stassi split.

Jax and Tom Sandoval got into an epic fight last season after Kristen and Jax hooked up, but they appear to have moved on and made up now.

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"I'm smarter than you and I'm prettier than you. Get the f--k over it."

Monday night on Vanderpump Rules Season 3 Episode 1, things are going so well for Scheana Marie, who's engaged and loving life with Stassi out of the picture.

Well, as they say, all good things must come to an "Instafight" ...

The staff at SUR has moved on and grown up since last year.

At the same time, relationships continue to be pervasive.

Lisa Vanderpump still rules, but no longer rules over Stassi, who returns from New York to find everything has changed between her and her former friends.

Scheana, in particular, may not be thrilled to see her.

Meanwhile, it's Ms. Marie's birthday, and she surprisingly (dubiously, you might say) decides to invite Tequila Katie and other non-fans to the event.

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Vanderpump Rules is back for a new season Monday, November 3 on Bravo, with Stassi Schroeder, Kristen Doute, Jax Taylor and Scheana Marie in tow.

Better make your reservation at overpriced, coke-fueled Sur now!

According to the network's teaser, "Vanderpump Rules is back for Season 3, with even more drama, and with the promise that the truth will come out."

After all of last season's lies, betrayals and revelations, there's plenty to catch up on and lots of different directions the drama can go in this fall.

Jax and Tom will try to repair their friendship, while Tom's ex Kristen must cope with Tom and Ariana being a thing now, and flaunting this at work.

All while serving reheated Hungry Man dinners for $50 a pop.

We know, Kristen Doute pining for Tom Sandoval has been done before, but with sexual and professional tension this potent, you gotta go back to that well.

Former Eddie Cibrian plaything Scheana Marie will also play a key role as she prepares for her nuptials with Mike Shay (the two wed this summer).

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Vanderpump Rules star and Brandi Glanville nemesis Scheana Marie is a married woman, having tied the knot with boyfriend Mike Shay on July 27.

Scheana Marie, Mike Shay

Scheana, 29, was feted at her wedding several close family and friends, including The Real Housewives of Orange County's Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley.

Also keeping it in the reality TV family? Golnesa "GG" Gharachedaghi and Leila Gharache of Shahs of Sunset, and Big Brother's Rachel and Brendon Villegas.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Joyce Giraud and of course her boss Lisa Vanderpump were also in attendance for Scheana Marie's big day.

Scheana Marie took to Twitter to share pre-wedding excitement, writing, "I do." "Omg!!!! @MikeShayMusic 0 days 21 hours 54 mins! U still down to do this!?"

Shay, equally smitten with the brunette cutie, replied to his soon-to-be-wife: "So excited to marry my best friend tmrw! I love you sooo much sweetheart!"

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Brandi Glanville appeared on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live to explain her feud with former BFF Lisa Vanderpump, and she did not mince words.

"Why do you bite the hand that fed you so well socially?" a viewer asked.

"Who the f--k fed me?" Brandi Glanville asked incredulously. "Who?"

"Lisa," host Andy Cohen clarified ... to which she had another retort.

"No, honestly, she didn't feed me," Glanville said of her former pal. "She was a good friend. She loaned me a dress, one time, that was her big thing."

"I sat down with Scheana for her multiple times to help her show. I said I will do whatever you like, and then I got tired of it. So, I think that I fed that bitch."

Glanville's beef with Vanderpump, which you can watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills online to see unfold over the whole season, was epic.

A big part of it pertained to Vanderpump hiring Scheana Marie, one of ex-husband Eddie Cibrian's former mistresses, to work in her posh restaurant, Sur.

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Scheana Marie just threw some SHADE on Brandi Glanville, telling The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills to stay away from her wedding to Michael Shay.

“[Brandi] is absolutely not invited. And if she tries to crash it, I will have security escort her to the street and throw her out,” the Vanderpump Rules star said.

Yes ... she's beefing up security to make sure Brandi steps off.

  • Scheana Marie Bikini Photo
  • Brandi Glanville Bikini Pic

As you may recall, Scheana got off to a bad start with Glanville after she admitted banging Eddie Cibrian, Brandi's then-husband, a few years ago.

That's not the only Bravo star she has issues with, either.

Scheana recently rescinded her offer to Stassi Schroeder to be a bridesmaid, saying her Vanderpump Rules co-star "doesn’t deserve my friendship."

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills delve into some "Moroccan Madness" this week, but why do the husbands seem even crazier than the wives? 

We recap all the lawsuits and lemon cleanses in THG's +/- recap!

Taylor Brings the Drama

We finish off Brandi's sit-down with Scheana Marie, who she tells not to be the other woman again. She even seems to sincerely wish her well and move on. Plus 40.

For the Housewife who throws the F-word around more than anyone, Brandi Glanville showed more class than any other woman on the show.

Kyle meets with Yolanda where they pick lemons for a 10 day cleanse. 10 DAYS of nothing but some strange lemon concoction? Minus 15.

I'm with Kyle. Why doesn't anybody ever do a cookie cleanse?

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