Seth MacFarlane as Oscars Host: Grade Him!

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He sang, he danced, he joked about Chris Brown, Rihanna and Mel Gibson.

And he also made it clear to all actresses in attendance: we've seen your boobs.

Yes, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane came across as a polished, poised and hilarious host of the 2013 Academy Awards.

Don't you agree? Or do you not at all agree? Grade MacFarlane as Oscars emcee now:


I usually LOVE Seth, and Family Guy is one of my fave shows, but I was disappointed. He didn't knock enough stars and a lot of his jokes just weren't funny. Even the crowd was silent. I didn't think his jokes were in bad taste(that's who Seth is, and I was actually expecting worse). I just didn't find him funny. Still love Seth, but there is no way anyone should grade him an A.


His jokes about boobs, Lincoln's assassination, Daniel Day Lewis' having the urge to "free blacks" on the set of Lincoln were all in very bad taste. The Oscars should be a classy event, not filled with bathroom type humor. To be fair to Seth however, that is the kind of comedian he is. Shame on whomever is responsibly for choosing him as host.

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