Miley Cyrus Blasts Perez Hilton for Ed Westwick Romance Rumor

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Yesterday afternoon, Perez Hilton posted a story that said Miley Cyrus was spotted hanging out this week with Ed Westwick, implying a romance between the singer and the former Gossip Girl star.

And Miley - who is engaged to Liam Hemsworth, of course - is taking this rumor sitting down... so she can blast the celebrity gossip blogger on Twitter!

Miley Cyrus Blonde Hair Pic

"@perezhilton hope you find love one day but can you not f--k with mine," Cyrus wrote. "I've never been with Ed W in my life. I was at the studio last night working on my record and never left with anyone other than my assistant..."

Cyrus then referred to Hilton's self-proclaimed "enlightenment" last year, where he promised to no longer bully.

"what happened to your promise to spread love not lies," she continued. "And to be a decent human being with values and morals??? Dude u ask for people to respect you and your relationships I demand the same thing."

Miley then concluded her rant on a positive note:

"@perezhilton hope this message finds you happy and healthy... feel free to ask me whatever u want but I can't tolerate lies. Thanks for understand. Blessings x."

Wow. You go, girl! Need we even ask here if you're on Team Miley or Team Perez?

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I Do Love it So when the Supergirl stands-up for herself! Way 2 knock the dust from ol' Perez,kitten! It's good 2 c that u don't need me 2 defend u anymore. I enjoyed it,but---I love it much more when u stand your ground, and come-out scrappin'! It just shows that it's true about all of the things I used to say of you...You have lots of sand and grit,tite-ange. Never let it go,ok? It's a mean world out there,and you'll need all of that grit to get you through...Later,all! Hollywood---Out...


listen miley, never trust a F*GGOT because when other boy's are involved in one way or another and there is even a tiny chanche of "contacting" the boy or man they trick you.
............SO GO FOR HETERO SEXUALS, folks!!