Lindsay Lohan "Desperate" to Fire New Attorney She Just Hired

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Lindsay Lohan is desperately trying to hire a new defense attorney, despite having fired Shawn Holley and replaced him with Mark Heller just weeks ago.

The actress reportedly "despises" Heller, prompting her to hunt for another replacement. Finding one may prove a difficult task for her, however.

Mark Heller, Lindsay Lohan

“Lindsay has been on the phone calling criminal defense attorneys in Los Angeles trying to hire someone new to represent her,” a source revealed.

"She called four other top DUI attorneys, and every one turned her down ... one even had his assistant call Lindsay back and say he wasn’t interested.”

Lindsay Lohan fired Shawn Holley, her longtime lawyer, earlier this month and was represented by Heller on Wednesday; her next court date is in March.

The 26-year-old faces charges of lying to police following her summer car crash in L.A., as well as the probation violation this may have triggered.

“Lindsay is absolutely stunned that this is happening to her,” the source said about the train wreck being turned down repeatedly by top lawyers.

“The [legal community has] a tremendous amount of respect for Shawn Holley, and they know that Lindsay owes her hundreds of thousands of dollars."

"Therefore they want nothing to do with her.”

Some of the lawyers view representing LiLo as more trouble than its worth, the source said, and believe she will regret firing Holley for a long, long time.

Even Judge Stephanie Sautner seemed to suggest as much, asking her if she really wanted to drop Holley in favor of Heller at this stage of the game.

Lindsay said: “Yes, for today.” Sautner told her this action was not just for Wednesday but going forward. Lindsay tersely replied, “yes, going forward.”

Somewhat ironically, it's Heller’s love for publicity and media that is "highly irritating" to Lindsay, the source told celebrity gossip site Radar Online.

"[Holley's] rule was to just lay it all out in court, and leave it at that,” the source said. “Mark had a press conference after he met with prosecutors in the case.”

Heller previously had his law license suspended five years for misconduct; even Michael Lohan has spoken out forcefully against Heller representing Lindsay.

It seems to be quite unclear why he was even hired, but so be it now.

Sautner set a pretrial hearing for March 1; Lindsay is not required to be in court if her counsel appears. The trial date is set for March 18. Expect fireworks.

LiLo: Will she go to jail in 2013?


Lindsay's court date on March 18-2013 will propably be a bigger media event than the Superbowl-2013, at least if this keeps up !
This has turned into a 3-ring circus atmosphere for her, and that will inevidabley have some negative effects on the court pre-ceedings. I just dont understand how whatever it is she allegedly done, it brings all this ca-fuffull. People are in court everyday in America for far worse than this, arent they ?
The Justice System is about porportionale response, but this has spun right out of control !


This is to Lindsey...hang in there, their case is weak that's what all the noise is about. I don't think jail will be the answer for this girl, she needs TLC and counseling to get past her obsessive and compulsive addictions. The type of "behaviors" that Ms. Lindsey has displayed have developed over her most critical development years, they are learned and they can be unlearned with the right help. Good luck darling, your fabulous and beautiful and you have a lot of people who like and care for you. See you at the movies.


Ha Ha, keep firing them, and you will have no one to represent you. I know I would not represent such a non-respectful individual who has crossed the line far to many times. Think the Judge is smart enough to see right thru any Attorney who would represent Lindsey


Good bye lindasy go to jail now


she witnessed he is just as mad she is?


When is she ever going to get it together.


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