Kim Kardashian Lawyer on Kris Humphries: LIAR!

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Kris Humphries is nothing but an attention-starved liar who doesn't care one iota about the Kim Kardashian divorce case.

So says Laura Wasser in new court documents, as Kim's attorney claims Humphries isn't dragging out his legal battle with her client because he actually cares about the result of their relationship.

He's doing so to "blow the lid off reality television."

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Wasser asserts that Kris and his lawyers are looking to "expose" Keeping Up with the Kardashians as a scripted farce unless they receive a major payday.

What sort of proof does she have to back up that claim?

A bulk of Humphries' deposition questions have centered around the series, with Kris' attorney grilling producers on everything from "storyboards" to the "direction" given to cast members.

There have been numerous references, for example, to the "Bora Bora episode" in which Kris found out Kim had previously been married."

Wasser also slams Humphries - who is holding out for an annulment, sources say - for alleging he does not have time to be deposed until after the basketball season this spring. The All-Star break is this weekend, for example.

And Kris will certainly be playing no part in those festivities.


Kim, has a rep of 2 bad marriage"s. A prone tape out there, Sleeping with so many men. Even on her own show. suing a girl cause she looked like her 4 making a commercial. pregnant or carrying another man"s baby while still married. Cheated on her husband or, husband"s. who know"s with this girl an, she is suppose to set good example 4 little girl"s out there. I really hope Humphries win"s this one:)


What a role model this women must be. She just seems to brag about caring another man's baby and to top it off SHE IS STILL MARRIED. That's shameful. All these young girls now a days will get the impression that its ok to be PG with someone elses baby while still married to a person that gave their vows too. Evidently VOWS mean nothing. We have been married 50 yrs. To me you have nothing to brag or smile about. In your world you must think it right to do these immoral things.


He may not care about the divorce but I am surely getting a kick out of reading how his life is falling apart. Kim will be just fine she has her man to lean o n and a whole lot of family


I just posted that Kris would have a different story as to why he can't let Kim go and sure enough Kris lawyer claims he wants off his case. KRIS AND HIS LAWYERS ARE DOUCHE BAGS. This is just stupid now


What a complicated mess she put herself. It may take some or more time for her to solve the situation and move forward. What matters now is that she focuses on Kanye and their unborn child.

Teresa sigler

Kim K. is the liar. She said on tv that she didn't really know what was going on about why the divorce was not happening. She knows why. this was on david letterman. then about 2 days after that it was reported that she offered him 10 million to settle the divorce. She is crazy. does she think we are that stupid? my heart breaks for that precious baby she is carrying. What a set of parents to have to deal with. she needs to go ahead and give him the annulment HE deserves it. actually kim and kris have been married now almost 2 years. and legally she had an affair and was impregnanted by a man who is not her husband. extra goodie for kris.


And another thing, how stupid was it of Kim to get knocked up by another guy BEFORE her divorce from Humphries was even final? Pretty dumb!!! And gives him plenty of ammo for getting part of her fortune because he can now claim infidelity during the marriage.

@ Frogmore

That's an interesting point. Has no one brought that up yet? It's the first I'm hearing of the infidelity.


Personally, I don't blame him for whatever he does. IMHO, I think they drug him along a flowered fairy tale path well strewn with sex along the way, just to get headlines, if nothing else.


Kris was deposed back in June. The Kartrashians have claimed scheduling issues time and time again but now that she wants it she has to have it...too bad! Kris Lawyer has to have everything he needs at hand. THey are a bunch of manipulative lying people and he better be careful. Rememeber it is all about MONEY and the Kartrashians are not going to give in that easy. MB

@ mboomer

What is it to you. You do not love yourself


Your right it is so sad that this guy as to go so low to expose what trash the kartrashian's really are. The kartrashian's will do any story for media attention. He has a job they are all self-absorbed no talent annoying,scum.

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