Kris Humphries to Kim Kardashian: Annul Us!

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Like a power forward who finds his way down to the post and gains solid position on his opponent... Kris Humphries is not budging.

Despite Kim Kardashian divorce demands and complaints now actually involving her unborn child - Kim says stress from Kris is threatening the fetus - a source tells People that Humphries has not changed his stance.

Lonely Kris Humphries

"Kris only wants an annulment," an insider tells the magazibe. "He never wanted to be married more than once and he feels like she cheated him out of the chance to have a real, loving marriage."

Indeed, Humphries continues to insist that the "entire marriage was a fraud" and, no, he doesn't care about the Kim Kardashian baby on the way.

"He feels that even if she's pregnant, she still has to deal with the mess she made," the source says.

Kardashian is due in July and is urging a judge to begin a divorce trial as soon as possible. She insists, of course, that she never defrauded Humphries in any way.

"I wish this issue to be tried immediately so that this false claim can be put to rest and I can move on with my life," Kim wrote in papers filed last month with the Los Angeles Superior Court.


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Kris Humphries to Kim Kardashian: Annul Us!
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Kris H. should claim he's the Father of the child Kim is
supposed to be carrying, if all the parties involved had to take paternity tests, they would find she is faking the pregnancy, and this should show the court how deceitful she is, and oh well if she really is pregger, it will put a end to all the speculation !


What is wrong with you people? Don't you have any understanding of our legal system? I do not have any positive thoughts or feelings about this woman, but it's not in her power to "give" an annulment - only a judge can do that IF it is demonstrated there are proper grounds. Obviously, the marriage was consummated (they had sex) so the only other grounds MIGHT be for her to admit to fraud - which HIS former attorney now has publicly stated is not a valid cause of action. This man is either out for revenge or milking this for all the publicity he can no longer rightfully earn on the basketball court. It's not believable that he has any valid religious grounds for demanding annullm


All she has to do is give him the annullment and it will be over and done with. She is responsible for the health of the baby, despite how many fingers she points and whines over.


what a loser , why hold on ,your 15 min. are up chris


This man is a piece of scum who isnt worthy of being on the bottom of anyones shoe. HE is nothing more than a baby who is out for money and fame. No one cared about him before he married her and no one cares about him now. WE do not know what is going on in the Divorce so we cant really comment. If what he is saying is true, fine, you will have those who believe him and those who dont. I dont. I watched him on the show and he was a total ass to her and everyone else. He is the one who is dragging this on. Its ok for him to out and dating a Kim look alike, but because Kim is the woman she is not allowed to have a life. It was an accident and she is happy and that is his problem. Grow a pair buddy and sign already because the judge will not be happy with you.

@ Catlady123

Yeah he is immature - but this woman is total piece of trash, NO TALENT, NO RESPECT... having a baby while still married is disgusting. Condoms, birth control, plan B are things she could have used. This cheap whore kept the weddings gifts, the ring, and donated the gifts in HER name to get herself a tax write off ---- how can you vouch for her? I have watched maybe 3-4 episodes out of curiosity but it's clear her baby talk is fake and she is not the soft sweet selfless person she portraits. Open your eyes and stop worshiping this trash heap.... BTW Kris is NOT THE ONE who is expecting a baby from someone else other than his spouse!!!!


If some of u ppl hate her so bad, why so u watch the show? Shithead was a total jerk to her and I don't blame her one bit for divorcing him. He has come up with every reason there is to drag this out. He has obviously moved on so why can't she. And she is n a relationship, he just takes girls home from bars.


If she really cared about her baby, she would give him the annulment and get on with the life she wants to preserve. Besides would it not be better for her to be pregnant by another man while not married to another one. Besides would it be best for a mother toro text the life of te child she wants to have as opposed to blame another man on stress she can relieve with an annulment. If she loses her baby, it's her fault when she can just get te annulment. She reminds me of the two omen being brought before Soloman claiming the dwad baby was the other woman and the kivw one was thiers. Soloman decided to split the baby in half and give each woman half. The one woman screamed, " give her the child, spare the child's life!" At that moment Soloman knew the woman who begged for the child's life to be spared even willing to give the woman the child to spare the baby- this woman was the child's mother. Point here is just Kim has proven again that just because a woman is pregnant, it does not necessary mean, she is going to be a mother. I'm sure many mothers are screaming right now, for the sake of your child ( if you believe as you state undue stress) then give the man the annulment!

@ Poetee

I agree with you, if she were that concerned about her baby's well being, she would (should) take the steps from preventing any tragic outcome on the baby. Kim needs to wake up and do the right thing by giving Kris the annulment he is asking for..


Another day & another Kartrashian story with ZERO positive comments. Can anyone tell me how/why their reality show is still being aired & why we're being subjected to their BS?

@ Kim K's Buzz Kill

If you dont like them, then why are reading this story???


give him what he wants, what you did to him was not good......your baby is going to be all black...

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