Kim Kardashian Gun Photo Sparks Controversy, Regret

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Kim Kardashian stepped Instagram first into the ongoing controversy surrounding gun control this week, posting a photo to that social network of a diamond-encrusted handgun.

It was quickly deleted, with a source telling E! News the publishing was some kind of "mistake" and "Kim hates guns."

And yet... she has one? A diamond-encrusted one that likely cost well into the five figures? Here's a look at the weapon/image in question:

Kim Kardashian Gun Photo

On January 14, in response to the horrific Newton, Connecticut shooting, Kardashian Tweeted:

"Today, people in Newtown are making the #sandyhookpromise to reduce gun violence. Sign the pledge with me at at"

As you might expect, the posting sparked a debate on Twitter, with some followers calling out Kim as a hypocrite and others defending her Second Amendment rights.

And stress such as this is the last thing Kim needs. Her fetus, after all, is already in danger, thanks to Kris Humphries.


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Kim Kardashian Gun Photo Sparks Controversy, Regret
Seems homemade to me
Good luck!


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This is more proof that no matter what Kim does, people will cry. It's a gun, give her a break. The day she uses it to harm another human being, you can talk, until then, please shut up!! For the record, Kourtney is certainly for gun control, but Kim doesn't seem to be that way, at least she doesn't preach it. If the haters didn't have some sort of sad agenda against her, they would accept that she has second amendment rights just like them and leave it alone.

Orlando perez

she doesn't need a gun, Her vagina is enough!!!

@ orlando perez

Orlando, are you insinuating that Kim could cause bodily harm or even death with her vagina? If so, that was'nt very nice.


oops..wrong button. Continued: the gun above will fire 5 rimfire cartridges, one at a time for every time you cock the hammer and pull the trigger. The grips (diamond) were probably after market. Its made by a company in Utah called North American Arms. I used to work there. My comment below was to get a rise out of IDIOTS and it worked. HA HA HA HA HA!


@the idiots below..."unamerican" would describe any person who would subvert our constitution in any way, including the Second Amendment. The small gun above measures less than FOUR INCHES OVERALL. It fires a projectile that weighs approximately 40 grains (for u drug dealers, that's a weight 4/10ths of a gram.) The projectile is .22 cal. or less than 1/25th (a quarter of an inch) diameter. Thegun


this is what I mean.
you really think those are diamonds? hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, THEY AREN'T NUTS!!


From the looks of it, its a diamond encrusted snub-nosed revolver. Beautiful. Wish I had one like it. Even if it were just a fake gun like a lighter or something.
Either way, its still a pretty gun. By the by, didn't anyone know that Kim kardashian claims to be a "liberal" republican! Whatever the hell that means! So what that she's got a gun it is her second amendment right after all. Back off already.....Jeez!

@ Marianna

Marianna, a snub nose is a gun that Smith & Wesson produce for law enforcement and based on the J frame the same frame used on their popular "Ladysmith" line of .38 caliber handguns that are lightweight( in comparison to the .38 caliber "Police Special".
Kim has been photographed at a Miami gun range, so I would think she has enough training to used the firearm sufficiently. I would not throw flour on head!


Kim earlier posted on Facebook or twitter a prayer for innocents during the Arab Spring uprising in the middle east. She caught hell for it, retracted it, and then apologized. Sound familiar? This time its a "mistake". This is pure and simple psychotic behavior. If indeed she has a gun, I'm not surprised by her choice. Besides, our gun hating president posts a fake pic allegedly of him skeet shooting with the aim of the barrel more pointed at the man launching the clay pigeon than the pigeon itself and no one has a problem with him being a liar n fake. Selective hatred. Kim is an idiot...beyond a doubt. So is Obama and you idiots made him president! KIM KARDASHIANS FOR PRESIDENT 2016! YAY!

@ tripps

good for you tripp! i'm surprised he had the gun pointed the right way! as for all the "K" family--dirt, dirt and more dirt!!!!

@ tripps

Tripps....all you wingnuts are clones. Looney tunes wacked out clones.

@ tripps

Go to hell you unamerican freak!


So what's the big deal!!!!
Obviously you are gun biased.
If anyone needs one for protection it's Kim!!

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