Kaley Cuoco Under Fire for Pro-Dish Hopper Tweet

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She may put the bang in The Big Bang Theory, but Kaley Cuoco put the burn to her bosses at CBS last night.

Here's why:

Kaley Cuoco Photograph

CBS, ABC, Fox and NBC are locked in a legal battle with Dish over that company's Hopper, whose "Auto Hop" feature allows one to view recorded shows without commercials.

Not just fast-forwarding commercials, mind you. But skipping over them entirely.

But Cuoco Tweeted a paid endorsement for Dish on Wednesday, including with it a link to an ad that features friends watching TV on a small small and drinking small beers.

"Amazing! Watching live TV anywhere on the #Hopper looks pretty awesome! Now where can I find a tiny beer? #ad" Cuoco wrote to her than 1.2 million-plus followers.

The Tweet was later removed.

No word yet from Cuoco's team or anyone at CBS and Warner Bros. TV.

The actress, however, has been all over our small screens lately. She appeared in a Toyota Super Bowl ad and has joined William Shatner for a series of Priceline commercials. She's really hot.


hope the new epsode will be as good as the old one"s, but i"am looking forward to it :P.S stay as beautiful as you are .don"t change a single thing about youself. love you just the way you are.


Good for Kaley. Screw the robber barons!


is is what happens when you only care about money.
so no people at all.


Old technology still being fought over! I never watch commercials, I still have the 300 hour replay tv in my house!!! They ruled to take commercial advance off, granted they are no longer available, so long live the hopper!! I would pay 100 a month for no commercials, but right now I never see them....