Justin Bieber Sizzurp Use Called Into Question

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New Justin Bieber weed photos are apparently circulating around the Internet.

But TMZ now reports the singer may be in trouble for drug use that goes beyond marijuana.

Justin Bieber Can't Hear You!

Sources confirm that the latest images depict Bieber, Lil Za and Lil Twist rolling blunts while sitting outside a home in Los Angeles - with cups of sizzurp also sitting around them on the table.

Made famous in the gossip world by Lil Wayne, sizzurp is the street name for a bottle of codeine, especially when it's mixed with fruit-flavored soda.

TMZ asserts that Bieber is drinking out of a cup in one of the images, though an insider close to the star denies he takes this drug.

Bieber is generally considered a responsible young man by those who know him, but concerns linger over his frequent time spent with Lil Za and Lil Twist. Might they be leading him down a dark and dangerous path?


No one is perfect least of all me, but I'm really afraid that he got swallowed up by "the world." I'm afraid he lost sight of WWJD, and became more concerned with fitting in with "the world." I still believe in him & he's still in my prayers. God bless you, JB, and draw you back to the roots of your faith & unto Himself.


do i believe hes on drugs? no i do not!
he has a lot of ppl to lean on when he is in those situations but im not saying hes perfect hes only perfect in my eyes he may not be in ure eyes but hes a good kid <3 hes sweet nice taalented just great and were soo busy waiting on him to do something bad while hes doing great things in the music business and just doin great things in life
he might of smoked he might of drunk that sizzle thing (idk what its called) but we all make mistakes beliebers shouldnt change our minds bout him especially since he is a good kid hes not a bad guy!


puberty never ends on him?


i love him no matter what and this is like getting out of hand with these rumors... just stop its annoying he perfect and if he makes a mistake umm so what like u haven't ?


For some odd reason I dont feel bad for him. His course lasted 5 years to long. I'm glad Justin from my ERA is back on the music scene. Love him in movies love him in the studio. You have never heard his name in and crontroversy and he's been in the industry since he was 9.


Cuz life is so hard being a pop star. smfh

@ Kellie

Life is so hard being a Pop Star!!?? The F*ck!! Get outta here with that sh*t! They know/knew what they were signin up for. Shee*t... Gimme his problems...all 110 million dollars worth of em. I smoke and drink everyday to stay sane, with a 5 figure salary and bills... so your rationale is F*cked Up. #IJS

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