Justin Bieber Weed Photos: More to Come?

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A new Justin Bieber pot smoking scandal may be on the way.

According to TMZ, new photos of the singer getting high are being shopped around the Internet. They feature Justin and Lil Za enjoying themselves some Mary Jane while outside a home in Los Angeles.

Za is the same person who was caught driving Bieber's Ferrari early this morning without a license.

Biebs in Texas

A few weeks ago, of course, Bieber was caught smoking up with Lil Twist, clearly holding a lit joint at a party. He later took to Twitter in response and promised to "be better."

TMZ has reached out to Bieber's camp for a comment. So far, nothing.

But do YOU have any, readers?

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It wasnt him!! It was Robin Verraccas!! Why would you believe TMZ?? That confirmed Justin had died 5 times and that he was the father of mariah yeaters baby, and you still believe them??


vivejusti bieber


So what! Maybe he'll write some songs that have a little more meaning than "I wish I was your boyfriend." Leave the guy alone. It's part of being a musician and part of growing up.

@ Jimmy T

"So what! Maybe he'll write some songs that have a little more meaning than "I wish I was your boyfriend." LMAO! I know, right? Too funny.


Justin still needs 2 quit smokin n hangin wit Lil Twist and become Straight Edge Pop.


Shit I wish I was blowing it down with him. Come people how many of you smoke pot and im sure most people that know you have no idea. Get your head out of your asses hes young and rich let him live damn


Puberty...LOL..HA,HA,HA ...Do you really think he's there yet? Not everyone uses drugs when going through puberty but obviously those who do use it and that post here, are finding that it really affects there spelling , typing and sentence structure skills...or they are drop outs.

@ barb

the "there" before spelling youe posted, is wrong. It should be spelled "their". I guess you are a pothead too. Join the club. Just Cheifn'


Its WEED, something that hasn't caused a SINGLE DEATH ever. Look up the stats. If JB starts doing crack or other hardcore drug, then he'll be in trouble.


Leave him alone...


If he keeps smoking pot he's gonna DIE in 50 years or so!!


.......he loves all this talking, folks!!