Controversial VW Ad: Is This Racist?

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Volkswagen just wants you to Get Happy.

That was the tagline the company debuted last night during Super Bowl XLVII.

But one VW Super Bowl commercial is having the opposite affect on some viewers, who view it as racist because a white man is speaking in a Jamaican accent.

What do you think, THGers? Does the company cross a line? Is this disrespectful? Culturally Insensitive? Is the ad racist?


Stupid people who have never travelled the world. There are white Jamaicans as well as Chinese Jamaicans, what difference does it make the color of the person with an accent. Get a life. Go to Jamaica and from the time you get off the plane you would be surprised by the different cultures in the airport with Jamaican accents.


What bothers me about this ad is just that nerdy guy who says "You guys are 3 minutes late..". I'd be like "SO WHAT!"..


Since when is Jamaican a race? What if they'd had a black guy with a German accent? I found the commercial funny and happy. I've watched it 20 time or more and still love it - particularly the Minnesota references. If this it the most offensive thing those journalists can find, I'd say they're having a pretty good day!

Carrie quizz yush sigurdson
@ Mike

A bunch of guys from Montego Bay actually did a "Germaican" spoof of the ad starring a black (Jamaican) guy putting on a german accent. It's since been privated on Youtube but I think it'll pop soon enough :-)


I am sorry. this is just another example of angry hipsters with too much white guilt. This ad is fun and happy. It implies the VW products are so good, they make you ridiculously happy like a culture renowned for their laid back happy demeanor. I get it, its kind of a lame connection but only a little lame. Its cute, fun and happy. All the haters need to go to starbucks, play on their macbooks and RELAX!!!

@ Rena

Is it possible you could me more right? No! Last year- Homosexuality sold! Year Before - women's rights! It's always something to try and belittle the white male and it takes a scummy ass liberal media to help make it possible. Like everything else- this will run its course. This is a nation of many turncoat cowards whose soul was sold long ago.