Jodi Arias Has Lesbian Prison Girlfriend, Will Be Convicted, Nancy Grace Says

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Jodi Arias is offering a vigorous defense, but Nancy Grace says there's "no way around" a conviction on murder charges for the accused Arizona killer.

Arias is being tried for the brutal slaying of ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander, and to hear HLN's Grace tell it, she’s fighting a losing battle and the jury won't buy it.

“There is no way around a murder conviction for Jodi,” she says.

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“In my opinion the facts have proven Murder 1. BUT, if they feel pity for her they may give her Murder 2. I think that they will give her murder 1 though, with no death penalty.”

Grace was in the Phoenix courtroom last week to hear the defense present their argument that Arias was acting in self-defense when she shot Alexander.

In addition to slitting his throat and stabbing him 27 times.

Grace also alleged, for whatever it's worth, that Jodi Arias has a secret lesbian lover behind bars, proving that she can and will “charm herself into any relationship."

Grace says that the revelation of the jailhouse girlfriend, combined with several of the defense witnesses’ testimonies, have actually hurt her case.

As in, the prosecution’s argument that Jodi is a jealous, obsessive, cold-blooded killer who is willing to use her sexuality to manipulate people only looks stronger.

“Her ex-boyfriend testified that she took naked pictures of him in the shower, just like she did with Travis, and he said she was aggressive during sex,” Nancy notes.

“This witness also said that she got multiple gas cans from him before she drove 1,000 miles to stab and shoot Travis," said the former prosecutor.

"I believe that shows she was either planning to burn the evidence, burn a body or not be identified in the jurisdiction stopping for gas. This to me shows premeditation."

"I think the jury will see it that way too.”

“The witnesses that [the defense] has put on the stand have all ended up actually making Jodi look bad,” she claims. “It is totally backfiring for them."

“She is smart, but her M.O. is the same, it just escalated this time and she killed Travis Alexander,” Grace says. “I predict that the jury is going to find her guilty!”

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