Chris Brown Instagram Rant: I'M TIRED OF THIS S--T!

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Chris Brown is FIRED UP about the inquiry into his community service reports, saying in an Instagram rant that "enough is enough, yo!!"

If you missed it, the L.A. County D.A. believes Brown LIED about doing community service and he could be facing jail time for duping authorities.

Chris Brown Be Out

Apparently this isn't sitting well with him. Brown took to Instagram to unload on the topic, telling his fans he can't relax because of ALL THE DRAMA.

"Im wise I can handle the hate but enough is enough, yo!!" he writes.

"Im a human being and I honestly think I deserve respect Im sick of being accused ... Im tired yall ... Just don't understand Ive been going through this sh*t since I was 19 years old!"

"You cant sit here and tell me to calm down, when am I gonna get a positive outcome out of anything I do? Im not gonna sit here and play victim."

"Im just tired of this sh*t ... I pray every day and night for a new outcome ... and just when everything seems to be going good some new sh*t happens."

"A day in my shoes is a day in hell, believe it or not!"

A day in the life of a Grammy-winning R&B star, multimillionaire, international celebrity and convicted woman beater ... HOW CAN WE UNDERSTAND?!?!

He prays every day for a better outcome, THGers. Just know that.

A hearing regarding the community service matter, which could result in a violation of Chris' probation, is set for today in L.A. at 2:00 p.m. PST.

Brown's attorney vehemently denied the allegations that Chris tried to falsify his community service reports, although he's also accused of being in on it.

Mark Geragos and Chris personally will be there today to defend themselves; it remains to be seen what kind of penalty the star could face here.

For what it's worth:

  • Hours after Brown was accused of cheating the penal system, he was seen with Rihanna riding shotgun with him after a recording session in L.A.
  • Brown's rep claims he did NOT write the Instagram post, an impostor did ... a claim that's probably about as legit as his community service record.
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The only sad thing is his issues about being inadequate, worthless and generally a piece of excrement get dumped on everyone around him. Some choose to stay for their own issues, but he'll end up alone before he ends up dead.


South africa


Typical hoodrat mentality. They make such great liberals. "Poor, poor me!" is always the cry. (emphasis on CRY) And then there's the true meaning of political correct speech invented by another liberal, Bill Clinton, which really means if your a hoodrat or white liberal you can say what you want but no one else can (see example below going by the name of lala) Is it any wonder the country is so screwed up? When you love a lie your doomed to disaster and you have no one t blame but yourself. When you idolize this hoodrat mentality or live it then remember your living a lie...and one born of cowardice, irresponsibility, and ignorance. You chose it. Its your fault.

@ tripps

This is for trips. Don't get me wrong. I hate Chris Brown, and think he's an abusive, spoiled, moron......but you are also a complete fucking idiot! Wtf does this have to do with political agendas? No one made him a liberal spokes person.....and on that note conservatives bitch, and cry more than anyone. Especially when they don't get their way. Jackass.

@ Hot Rod

I totally agree w/Hot Rod Tripps doesn't even think b4 he types one subject has nothin' 2 do w/the other I am a liberal & a SURVIVOR OF DOMESTIC ABUSE SO SHUT YOU UNINFORMED MOUTH!!!

@ Hot Rod

Continued: They are all supporters of the liberal agenda embodied in the Democratic Party to include politically correct speech initiated by BillClinton and now Obama's assumption that he can ignore the Constitution with attacks on our rights of religion,guns and even due process. He now wants to kill with drones anyone whom HE designated a terrorist. This is about the mentality of these celebrities as a whole. Its a "do as I say, not as I do" mindset. They talk about respect, like all these rappers and idolize them like brainless plants, but couldn't even spell the word if the had spell check.

@ Hot Rod

If you don't understand then your either in denial or too much of an idiot liberal too understand. You shud have read lala's comment...and if you did your no better than it is. For those who do have intellect enough to comprehend, congrats...your probably in the uncounted minority. Hollywood stars get a free rise most the time, saying and doing nearly anything they want regardless of the law the rest of us common ppl have to abide by. Then they turn around and tell us who we shud vote for and what we shud buy and like the idiots you are you run right out and do it. When they don't get their way, we see the Kardashians, Lohans and others like this above mentioned hoodrat, who suddenly go all "poor poor pitty me" on us. Even the President is no exception. They are all supporters of the


Yo Chris....don't start sh*t and you won't get sh*t.


Hold on Chris you will be fine...tell the heater to KISS YO AND..LOVE YOU ALWAYS BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL WHITE IS TRASH

@ lala

Youre dumber than he is. Team Breezy fans are knon for their ignorance. This c**t proves it.

@ lala

Black is whack and white is right. You racist pig.


Yo CB!
I'm kinda enjoyin tis s__t gowin down. Mks great tainment for me boy. U got no b__ls if Yo can't handle tis sh__t. Have A Good Day :)


Yo Chrissy, man up and face the fact that what you do and give, always comes back to you. When you act like shit you get shit, when you act low down then, low down will come back to you. By the way, if singing was for shit, you couldn't raise a smell. Here's a tissue, now go away a wipe your nose. You have become the male Lindsay Lohan, with less relevance.

@ johnwayne1

That is just too funny!


Hey CB: I'm tired of your s**t. Enough is enough, why don't you just go away, yo?