Beyonce Responds to Lip Sync Controversy, SINGS National Anthem at Press Conference

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Take this, haters.

With talk somehow still circulating around the Beyonce lip sync scandal at last week's Presidential Inauguration, the singer took to the podium today at a Super Bowl press conference and first address the issue.

"I am a perfectionist," she said. "I did not have time to rehearse with the orchestra. It was a live television show and a very important moment for me."

And in case that wasn't satisfactory enough, the Sasha Fierce one that SANG live for reporters. Watch her new Star Spangled-Banner performance now:

Earlier in the day, Beyonce miscarriage headlines also popped up over the Internet after the superstar opened up about the most traumatic event in her life.

That's a terribly sad story, but at least it may have given her perspective over the past week to shrug off this total lip-synching nonsense.

Can we all put it to rest now?


All this proved is that this LIER is low class garbage!


Such an important moment and no time to rehearse w the orchestra? Is she kidding? ? Jay -z has his own orchestra! she could have used his! What a lame excuse. Singing before a room of Press doesn't quite have the same pressure as a Presidential inauguration. She didnt want to fail. But kudos to her agent for the good timing on the story of her interview re the miscarriage (that happened before Blue Ivy was born.


Singing the national anthem live a conference with controlled room temperature is a lot different from singing the national anthem live in cold and uncontrollable weather. This proved nothing. If anything, It proved that she was just a marginal singer. I was actually nervous for her.


perfectionisme is singing perfectly Live. now you're just afraid to be black.


I agree...if she didn't have enough confidence in her singing ability to perform live at the innaguration, she shouldn't have sung at all. This display only made it worse. I thought she came off as snarky in this appearance. She knew people expected better from her and this was her attempt to save face...didn't work for me.


Too late...The damage was done at the Inauguration and told everyone that protecting her "brand" was more important than being alive nd honest in her celebration of America and Obama's moment in history.


If she could not sing like everyone else she should not taken the spot. Sorry. All these majestic Hollywood people are spoiled. I would not pay to see her.


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