Christina Aguilera National Anthem Effort: FAIL!

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Poor Christina Aguilera.


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    All of the insults are totally unnecessary and only prove how immature you haters are. I understand that it was the national anthem and that there are a lot of patriotic people out there, but this is ridiculous. Making a mistake on the lyrics doesn't mean she hates America, was trying to disrespect the country, or any of the other judgmental things you people are saying. It was an honest mistake and it's not like that's a song we hear every day. No need to verbally go all Salem Witch Trials on her.

    For those of you who are saying she can't sing, you must be either tone deaf or just not used to singers with soul. Christina Aguilera is talented-she has a powerful, beautiful 6-octave voice and has been compared to the likes of Aretha Franklin and others.

    It's funny how people seem to love the autotuned, mediocre voices of singers like Britney Spears, Ke$ha, and others but you bitch and complain about the more talented singers like Christina.


    Yes, Michelle, I'm sure you're a realchart-topper. Nobody cares Ok.


    LMFAO she is so stupid how could you fuck it up it is so easy.


    Can the next person to do the National Anthem do it right?? No moaning and groaning like you're having the best orgasm of your life. Just sing the song correctly, please.


    Seems rehearsal isn't required anymore. Tragic for her that it happened before the largest tv crowd ever.


    it seems pretty ridiculous how everyone blows things out of proportion. I mean no one is perfect. She fumbled the words by mistake big whoop. I have sung numerous times upstage in crowds averaging at about 1000 people and let me tell you when the light hits your face.... child i start to breath hard and lose it. I mean she was in a massive crowd singing as you guys said, a very important song. People mess up. So give it a rest. None of you are much better than her and for that im really sure. I much rather have a person sing the anthem with thought and integrity behind it than some stupid bimbo who lip sings like Britney Spears.


    A rampart is a defensive wall. This is our national anthem. I don't care if she's the best singer in the world, you don't screw up the national anthem of the country that has allowed you to become such a superstar.

    Quit showboating, quit changing the notes, and sing the damn song as it's written. A true great singer can sing it the way it's supposed to be sung.


    I feel bad for Christina, but if she just sang the song instead of showing off, then she would have been fine.

    George Vreeland Hill


    @ Mo Green: Yea... a rampart is something that falls off a Dodge Truck in front of you on the Turnpike. Can cause a crash like the anthem did for Yo Gurl. ,Peace bro!!!


    grab those grammies back cause this beyotch is a tranny mess. all the vocal acrobatics sounds like cr@p. why does she think that is music? bring back cher - someone that knows how to give a great performance. to think this beyotch beat our britney for best new artist - biggest grammy mistake ever!!!

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