The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Meeting the Other Woman

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills rolled out "Vanderpump Rules" with lots of self pity in high heels.  We recap the whining and dining in our THG +/- review.

So back to Kyle's dinner party that won't end… at least not until Brandi Glanville has officially been driven away in tears. Minus 15.

Kyle Loves the Drama

Of course Kyle doesn't feel bad until Brandi is running from her home crying and still she justifies Faye's tirade saying she's just being protective of Adrienne.  Minus 10.

Kyle runs to a sobbing Brandi in the street but if she really cared she would have told Faye to drop the subject long before it got to this point.

The truth is that Kyle loves the drama.  That's why all of her dinner parties end in disaster.  

The next day Kyle invites Marisa over for some back yard yoga.  What she's really doing is trying to justify her behavior to someone she hopes to impress and it's kind of pathetic.

Plus yoga and gossip really don't mix. Minus 8.

The funny thing is that Marisa liked Brandi more than any of the other Housewives. She's the only one who went out of her way to make Marisa feel welcomed as the new girl.  Plus 18.

Taylor tries to shake off the bad energy of Kyle's dinner party from Hell by inviting Alicia into her home.  Alicia's a what? Did they even say?  A medium/psychic/spiritual advisor?

In a nut shell she spews a lot of new age nonsense, hands out magical rocks, and dispels the negativity form Taylor's home.

Plus 20 because even Taylor seems to have trouble keeping a straight face.

I almost felt sorry for Taylor. Not only do her creditors want her 10 carat diamond wedding ring, they also want two of her designer handbags.  The nerve!

Minus 11 because seriously, giving up a wedding ring can be hard no matter how bad the marriage. And having a former friend turn on you is never fun. But at least now Taylor can move on.

Adrienne makes a brief appearance with Paul and you could cut the tension between them with a knife. It seems they're only here to plug their new skincare line. Minus 7.

Whatever their secret that cannot be named is, it seems to be taking its toll on their marriage.

Yolanda has as small a role in the show as ever. Minus 12. Why is she even here other than the beautiful views from her home.  Her life is far too happy for her to be a Housewife

However she does take the time to lament the cost of having a horse because in Beverly Hills, even they have their own maseusse. Plus 10. Even the horses here are pampered.

Lisa's on hand to ask Brandi a favor.  Will she sit down and speak with Scheana, the waitress who had an affair with Brandi's ex-husband?

Huh?!?  Seriously? Why is this necessary and what self respecting friend would ask such a thing?

One pimping her newest reality TV show.  Minus 22.

But Brandi sits down with Scheana Marie who whines and sobs that she didn't know Eddie was married.  She claims she was young and dumb.

Well, it's hard to argue with that.  Plus 10.

But who on earth wants to hear the gory details?  Brandi was married to Eddie and pregnant with their second child while he was screwing this bimbo on their boat and giving her diamond necklaces.  Minus 30. Ugh!

As Brandi said, "I know your were f**king my husband. I got that."  Enough already.

Scheana thinks herself the victim too since Eddie later dumped her and moved on to Leann Rimes.  Is she seriously looking for sympathy from Brandi?!? Minus 45.

So Scheana is being set up to star as the sympathetic home wrecker for Bravo's new show "Vanderpump Rules."  Can she be redeemed?

So far, I'm not impressed. 



if faye resnick or the new marisa becomes the new housewife, our group of woman's night out will find another show to gather at, and trust me there are plenty of them to watch. faye resnick is the most nastiest woman i have ever seen in my life. we change the channel when she comes to her


I meant waitress


No one deserves to be cheated on. I feel for Brandi even though I dislike her character.What is she 12? Honestly asking who her friend liked better her our the waited? It's funny how quickly she was to change the subject to avoid answering the question. LMFAO Agreed?


I loved how Brandi handled the situation between her and Scheana, although I wouldn’t have wasted the time to sit down with her. It was a terrible segue into the new “Vanderpump Rules” when Scheana left out the back door and the music was out of “The Hills.” My DISH co-worker at I were talking about this episode and we both are confused as to why Yolanda is on the show, as her husband gets as much screen time as her. I recorded this episode of “RHOBH” on my DISH Hopper; I like that there is over 2,000 hours of entertainment space available. My family likes to watch their shows at the same time, and lucky for us we can watch up to four HD programs at the same time in different rooms so none of us miss our favorite shows.


Vile trampy little waitress, ugh ! Brandi was VERY nice, forgiving, and calm throughout the meeting. Even in the face of learning of further betrayals, she remained composed and gracious. Cibrian is a horrible man. However, the article leaves out the pertinent FACT. After the waitress found out her lover was married and his wife pregnant, she went back and continued the affair for another year, right up until she was replaced by Leann Rimes as the new mistress. Then she sold it all to the tv and tabloids, blindsiding his wife. Glanville learned of the longterm affair on television! This little waitress didn't even have the decency to warn Brandi of what she was up too. She only saw and sees herself as the wronged party and wanted revenge on Rimes....and of course, the Access Hollywood fee


Boy this Eddie must be some piece of whit. ( mean work.
Once a cheater always a cheater....Although Brandi is a bit of a whore herself....and yes, Leanne is a home wrecking whore...

@ critic

I meant piece of shit...

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