Taylor Swift: Too Prude for Harry Styles?

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Taylor Swift is a prude who is so worried about her public image that she doesn't put out nearly enough and that's why Harry Styles dumped her.

According to an anonymous source, that is.

With the latest Taylor Swift split still making headlines, and with fans wondering why the singers didn't last, an insider blames the couple's demise on Taylor's concern over her loose reputation.

Taylor is so concerned that the public will think she’s a whore because she dates around, that she doesn’t put out,” a supposed friend claims.

“What she doesn’t get is that the guys keep dumping her because she’s being a prude.”

Taylor Gym: Midriff Pic
Harry Styles Waves

Miley Cyrus re-Tweeted a post a few weeks ago that implied Swift was a slut, lending credibility to the rumor that she may be trying hard distance to distance herself from such a label these days.

Simply put, “Harry found Taylor a little sexually uninterested,” another source adds, explaining that Swift talked too often about "antiques."

And Taylor's reluctance to sit on Harry's face reportedly didn't sit well with the One Direction star.

“It’s no secret he’s sexually active and is enjoying his fame at the moment," says the mole. "But Taylor just wasn’t up for it as much as he is. They were sexually incompatible.”

How much of this report is accurate? Perhaps we'll find out when Swift releases her Harry Styles break up song. Possible titles could include:

  • "I've Got a Headache."
  • "Let's Just Snuggle."
  • "Oral Displeasure."
  • "What Makes ME Beautiful!"


This is the worst article that I have ever read. Sitting on Harry Styles face? What the heck?


Taylor Swift flirts. After publicly humiliating Harry Styles at the Brit Awards she was flirting with his black friend Jordan Stephen of Rizzle Kicks. After whoring with so many white men it’s about time Taylor Swift started whoring with niggers as well.


Taylor Swift may date a but know for a fact that the only reson boys dump her is because there jerks lets flashback joe jonas breaks up with her over a 27 second phone call he didnt even talk to her in person doesn't she deserve that and first of all harry styles broke up with her because she was too clingy the only reason does that is because no one treats her right and second of all Taylor what were u thinking harry is so ugly with a CAPITAL U at least have some taste and that accent so annoying at least go for cute one and that is all i have to say


Its that Taylor isn't a prude or slut. Harry? Alot of Directioners say that he's bi. So hes really attracted to women's bodies. Good that Taylor isn't interested in any of those, cause her dad taught her like that. I hate those fake rumors like her being pregnant, calling Horan a pig, saying fuck you Directioners and stuff, it's just useless. Sheis not using them for fame, she isthe one who gets her heart broken. With Lautner, it's was her fault. She puts all blame to herself by "back to December". With Kennedy, he had to go back to school which is hard for them.


For once, taking Taylor's side in a break up. It's her choice to have sex or not.


She's not a "prude." If she doesn't want to have sex, that's her fucking choice. If he's going to dump her for not sleeping with him, she deserves better anyway. Fuck this source if he's going to shame her for not having sex.


whatever happened w/these two are their own business, but it was totally uncalled for with some of the descriptive notations this journalist chose to put into writting - don't they understand that these two people are some of our childrens icons today and are much too young to be reading this TOTAL VERBISH about them - some are much too young to even understand what the writer is explaining, but us parents might be asked what some of this means - LOL (no it is not funny)

@ jae430

You are wrong Taylor is a joke

@ jae430

You are wrong prove it


your Honour
True love & true friendship comes by the grace of God only.being the God's blessings they should be handled with great reverence,care & majesty.kindly understand that.
soulfully yours


Has anyone here lived under the media microscope or known anyone who has? Ms Swift became known at a young age and has basically grown up in front of the camera (remember "The Truman Show")?
She sings...for her it's the only way to communicate what she feels..good, bad or otherwise. It beats partying all night and throwing tantrums like a lot of others do.
Like any woman, she obviously would like to find a man who will treat he like a woman..but all she can find are boys who treat her like a girl.
If you live in a fish bowl, how do you express yourself?..you swim in circles. This is what she is doing now, it's all she knows at the moment.
The media has and always will judge and presume guilt before giving the benefit of the doubt (it's how they make their money ). I've been in front of the camera and dealt with them, so I know. They'll ask the dumbest questions and if they don't like your answer, they'll make one up (hence, the tabloids). Ms Swift isn't a Prude or a Slut. using these too words in the same paragraph is an oxymoron (and only a moron can understand it). In her relationships, she's doing nothing different than what any of us do. The only difference is she is filmed from the time she gets up until she sleeps (it's a bear trap).
Yes, she asked for the fame, the rumors, the tabloids by making her music ( it's a price to pay like it or not, sometimes a heavy one).
Go back and look at the stories and media coverage about her. She carries herself amazingly well, no matter how bad the media tries to protray her. It takes a pretty remarkable person to stand in front of millions at the PCA just days after the media tears you apart. Only someone with dignity and class can pull that off (I think she succeded..Regardless of other opinions here).
If any one here is ever curious, get 5 of the most anoying people you know, give them a beta camera each (the old big ones) and a flash camera have them follow you 24-7 for a week without a break and EVERYWHERE you go. Then post it on Youtube.
Let's see how you handle it....
If ever given the chance to speak with her, I would only say this; Take a step back for a bit and take a deep breath, look past the boys & their games, there you'll see your man.....and he'll show you how a woman should be treated.

@ Awsm Pawsm

No moron


Are you serious? No one is going to comment on how tacky the writer is. Why the hell she would write something bout Taylor not sitting on Styles face..I mean seriously people. Why do we not get a grip on morals here and not realize that the writer is as tacky as a porn writer for that detail. Whatever happened between Taylor and Harry is personal and no one should be labeled a slut just because she dates alot. Unless you are there, you have no right to say those things. People give me a break

@ Brianne

You are a moron

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