Miley Cyrus vs. Taylor Swift: Is a Feud Brewing?

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Did Miley Cyrus just call Taylor Swift a slut?

Earlier this week, E! News correspondent Ken Baker posted the following message, matching up Miley with Taylor and asking fans to consider the reputation of each superstar:

Miley vs. Taylor

It is true that some of the Miley Cyrus fashion choices have led to a certain label, and it hasn't really helped that she recently took to the stage with strippers.

Swift, meanwhile, receives a few jabs for her very long dating resume, but is mostly considered America's Singing Sweetheart.

How does Miley feel about the comparison?

"@kenbakernow haha," she responded. "this made laugh. thanks for making me smile I needed it love u."

Of course Cyrus would appreciate a follower standing up for her, but didn't she sort of throw Swift under the promiscuous bus in the process?

What do you think THGers? Does Miley receive unfair criticism, while Swift should be taken more to task for her never-ending line of boyfriends?


*7 boyfriends, in much more than 3 years. Not 13. :)


Taylor Swift likes dark meat
After publicly humiliating Harry Styles at the Brit Awards she was flirting with his black friends Jordan Stephen and Frank Ocean. After whoring with so many white men it’s about time Taylor Swift started whoring with niggers as well. Think about all of the new songs she could write because of the new boyfriends.

@ Kelly

Kelly, you flaunt your ignorance like someone who's proud of it.

@ Kelly

Wow, racial slurs spoken from a person who doesn't use proper grammar, who hides behind words with NO VALUE, and is too PUSSY to NOT hide their face while making such declarations! Bravo Kelly! I don't even have to guess of how much of a deplorable twat you are ;) Disgusting.


Taylor and Miley are both sweet ladies...but to call either one of them sluts,'re jealous...Taylor had enough heartbreaks to experience, and obviously on the job of seeking a man who would love her endlessly. Well, who wouldn't want that? And Miley, how she wants to be seen is up to her, don't judge...!


What Taylor pulled at the Grammy's was very immature. Im not a fan of either of them but Harry has been cool about the entire situation. Harry broke up with her and refused to answer her calls, she was even on a plane to London to try to reconcile with him but he dismissed her pathetic attempts. So why is she saying '' We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together when he's already moved on. Lastly It's called the Grammy's not Get revenge on my ex for dumping me. I hope she gets the help that she needs and stop treating guys like this before she ends up crazy and alone. I feel sorry for her. = (
I dont care how many hit albums she have
her clingy, needy, and psycho personality is terrible and If i was a guy I forever steer clear away from her.
she need a therapist quick.

Conor kelley

First of all, any of you calling Miley a slut because of what she wears are pathetic, sexist and ignorant. Never judge a book by its cover. Taylor on the other hand dates 13 guys in 3 years. Now, that does not make her a slut either, what it does say is that she's obviously got some issues: either emotional issues, commitment issues, or she's just crazy. Either way, as a guy, ill take the one man girl who dresses how she wants and is open and confortable with who she is over the serial dater who cant keep a relationship together for more than a few months, any day. Now it's fine if she's young and having fun, but to claim its love and write love songs about these 10 minute relationships is a terrible example to set for young girls. Taylor is obviously a confused young lady.


a miley e muito doida kkkkkkkkkkk


omg i've always thought this! thank you someone for finaly noticing it!!!!


i dont think taylor swift is a slut or a whore so...


I don't think Miley was throwing Taylor under the bus at all. She was definitely giving a shout out for being defended for once. I think Miley would argue against any girl being called a slut. I think she believes it's complete b.s. that nobody calls Harry Styles a slut. He's described as enjoying his fame and attention from girls. So they're basically saying it's cool and nobody's business how many girls Harry has been with. It's disgusting that actresses or female singers are still asked about their virginity or if they have a healthy sex life then they must be sluts. Talk about making a girl have hang ups or believing sex is dirty or she's a slut if she enjoys it. As for Taylor, does she even have time for a committed relationship? And there's nothing wrong with dating or just because she has coffee with someone it doesn't mean the guy is her boyfriend. Slut shaming Taylor for dating or just being seen with a guy is just sick. Male stars can wear what they want, or as little as they want, sing or perform sexually and it's accepted. I would like to see both sexes condemn any website that is still perpetuating this sexist, unfair, type of reporting. It's not 1940 and it's one sided and nobody's damn business!

@ Realist

I don't think people are slut shaming her for dating at this point they are slut shaming her because she goes from guy to guy and just writes songs about it putting all of it out there. I didn't even know that Kim Kardashian had dated Nick Canon until I read an article online now imagine that if Taylor would just stfu and sing about other things besides her personal relationships no one would really know how many guys she has gone trough. At this point Taylors relationship is everyones business she puts it out there in her stupid songs that have made her career.

@ Realist

I agree totally!


Unless you know first hand what is going on don't judge.

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