Spencer Pratt-Heidi Montag Sex Scene: Banned From Celebrity Big Brother!

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A sex scene starring The Hills gruesome twosome Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt was reportedly yanked from the UK's Celebrity Big Brother airwaves.

That's just amazing on so many levels.

3 Boobs

Their naughty bedroom antics in the house's basement boudoir were so steamy that TV bosses ruled the scenes too graphic to be aired in Britain.

Sorry, Britain ... or maybe not.

The reality stars dived under the duvet as they spent another night apart from the rest of the housemates following their return to the main house on Friday.

This stunt was the most jaw-dropping of their Celebrity Big Brother stint yet.

Video caught every breathless moment of the duo's horizontal body-slapping, with stunned cameramen left red-faced at the moans and groans of Speidi.

Excitable Spencer, 29, whispered: “I love you so much. It’s hot in here.” Saucy Heidi, 26, slipped out of bed and to the bathroom, returning with tissues.

Minutes later the sexually spent pair fell asleep at last.

In less than two weeks, the two have asked for a lawyer, been exiled from the house, and seen the leak of Heidi Montag photos from Spencer's hacked Twitter.

Yup, Speidi has returned with a vengeance. Sorry Britain.

The rowdy night vision romp follows accusations by Spencer and Heidi's rivaling housemates that they are in a sham relationship that is just for show.

Where would they ever get that idea?

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Hey peeps. Im british and i watch big brother every night im a big fan!! So can someone tell me whats the story behind Speidi??? They really are nasty nasty people and have done nothing but cause trouble and bully the other housemates in the bb house. Are they really this obnoxious in real life? They seriously seem to love themselves big time and reallydo think they are something special. I have never in my life seen anyone as arrogant and self obsessed as these 2 people. So whats the story behind them and why are they hated over there in america. xx