Heidi Montag Photos: "Intimate," Hacked From Spencer Pratt's Phone?

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It's been a few years, but here we go again.

Celebrity Big Brother UK stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are generating controversy again, alleging that photos of Heidi were hacked from his phone.

Heidi Montag Twitpic

Someone claims to have hacked his phone and is tweeting "intimate photos" of Heidi; they initially tried to make it seem as though Spencer Pratt was tweeting.

Soon, however, it became apparent it wasn't actually Spencer.

"Well, dears, it appears people suspect I am not the real Mr. Pratt. If that were so, then I would be a man with a phone to sell," he or she tweeted.

Cryptic, as always. And not at all a ploy for attention. No way.

Whoever is claiming to have Spencer Pratt's phone, or access to it, proceeded to post personal, but innocent, Heidi Montag photos to the Twitter account.

[NOTE: If you wanna see her nude, just follow the above link.]

So far, the person who claimed to be The Hills star has been posting photos of the 26-year-old doing laundry, showing off her mani/pedi and more.

So what's his endgame? You probably guessed it.

Heidi Montag Leaked Pic

The "hacker" is demanding celebrity gossip magazines pay up if they want to see more scandalous contents of Pratt's phone. Highly suspicious, clearly.

A hacker mysteriously accesses and leaks the contents of Pratt's phone just as the couple managed to add two more minutes to their 15 minutes of fame?

From The Hills gruesome twosome? Would you expect less?!

This is a couple who admitted faking their own divorce as a publicity stunt, and who blew millions on plastic surgery and terrible attempts at music.

Hey, even if this is all one of their classic shams:

  1. People in the UK probably aren't aware of how low they will stoop yet, as they were just cast on Celebrity Big Brother last week, and ...
  2. We're already playing along to a point.

Well played, Speidi. Well played.


Don't think Dan is being completely true with you guys. The Pratts (and guess you know the UK meaning of that word) are dispicably likeable at best. Like the bond villain - a necessary baddie to entertain for a while but then made to shuffle off into the sunset at the end with their naughty tails between their legs. Never seen such awful examples of celebrities before like these two. Truly awful negative, passive agressive and so lacking in self awareness. No Team Speidi please.


I think they're a great. There, said it. They come across evil in America media and on fake American shows. On British tv they come across as pretty likeable characters who just know how to work the machine that's chewing on them. And why not? Heidi is actually likeable on this show. And that says a lot about the difference it makes when the producers of show aren't pre engineering her as a bad guy. Trust me, I never thought I'd be saying this about 'Speidi', (I've seen the hills and a little bit of your version of 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here') But I'm even voting to keep them in. Team Speidi!

@ Dan

You are joking? The majority of British Public think they are unintelligent, fame seeking talentless trash, horrendously shallow and more than rather vile. However, personally speaking, extremely entertaining to watch. Unfortunately they are possibly a rather bad advert for the average American, it's not a good look. Although until I did a little Googling I didn't realise think they were seen as the "Gruesome Twosome" I do hope our media pick up on that. the "Gruesome Twosome" really have underestimated the British. I wouldn't be surprised if BB have to organise the back exit, away from the crowds so they don't get lynched, when they finally get evicted. I can't wait and I do hope they get hung out to dry! Great stuff!

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