Nicki Minaj Questions Motives Behind Grammy Snub

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The Grammy Awards may feature many top acts on stage next Sunday, but the same can't be said for the ceremony's actual ballots.

Justin Bieber is not nominated in any category. Neither is Carly Rae Jepsen. Or Nicki Minaj, for that matter.

And the American Idol judge thinks she knows why... although she isn't saying.

Nicki Minaj on the Red Carpet

"I think that the Grammys had a different reason, that I do not want to discuss ... and that's just between me and them," Minaj said in a recent interview. "But I respect their organization and I'll get a Grammy eventually. I'm not worried about it."

Minaj was nominated three times last year, including for Best New Artist and Best Rap Album.

It's unclear to what motive she is referring in the quote above, but Nicki insists she's fine with this supposed snub:

"I understand that artists and critics make a big deal over the Grammys. But when I go to my shows and I'm selling out arenas in London, and when I'm in Australia and Japan, there aren't any Grammys there. There are human beings who I've touched. There are human beings who are inspired by me, who I love dearly. And that's what my career is based on."

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man nickki minaj is not her self no more


Why does the Grammy have a different reason between Nicki and them??? By the way Nicki...LOVE the out fit on the big picture above


I think nicky should get 4 the va va voom


Actually agree with the Grammys decision this time.
Time to stop rewarding bad behavior .... lack of talent ... aggressive threatening foul mouthed drama queens especially with phoney accusations of racism!!!!!
It really is time for some change!


Ya. Keep tellin itself that Nicki.


Or perhaps the Grammys are going with nominees that actually have talent?!! Sorry Nicki, love ya, but you're not Grammy worthy. Nor is the one-hit wonder, Jepsen. Or Biebs, for that matter.