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Police say they’ve recovered 18 shells from the scene of the apparent drive-by Rick Ross shooting attempt in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., early Monday.

Officials won’t say whether or not Ross, 37, also fired a weapon before or while he crashed in an attempt to evade the bullets fired during the drive-by.

While Ross has not made a public statement about the shooting, Pusha T has confirmed that the Miami rapper is doing well and “layin’ back” at home.

Good to know. Ross has apparently kept a low profile in the days following the incident, and is supposedly being protected with 24-hour security.


A few more details have emerged from the crime scene, including audio of the first 911 call, in which a woman got scared and hung up (with good reason).

Clearly, someone fired a lot of bullets Monday morning, but some people on Twitter are skeptical of Ross’ role and whether he was really in danger.

In particular, 50 Cent has openly mocked rival Ross, Tweeting, “hahaha fat boy hit the building? lol it looks staged to me. No hole’s in da car.”

Ross was unhurt and his Rolls-Royce was undamaged by bullets, at least according to photos, prompting Fiddy to suggest that he staged it.

“hahaha that boy was spooked. I ride like OBAMA level 6 built proof, bomb proof, you already know. Nah they shot in the air then he drove into a building.”

“Man they miss the whole f–king car were they do that at ? ok it was just firecrackers but who ever lit them in trouble cause the man damn near had a heart attack!”

What do you think? Was the shooting staged?