Lindsay Lohan Tattoo: What Does it Mean/Say?

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What you got going on there, Lindsay Lohan?

During Lindsay Lohan's court appearance yesterday, she made quite an impression with her Louboutins, Chanel dress and hilariously bad spray tan.

She was also sporting a new tattoo. Peep it:

Lindsay Lohan Tattoo

On her inner right arm, she appears to be rocking a red triangle, sort of like the one in your car that turns on the hazard lights. That's certainly appropriate!

The black text underneath? We can't quite make it out ...

"What dreams may come"?

"What demons may close"?

"What dumbasses may commit"?

Hard to say, as is what she means by the red, three-pointed symbol above it. Perhaps she will shed some light on it to her cellmate in a couple of months.

In the meantime, speculate in the comments!


The 3-sided triangle is symbolic of mind, body, and soul:- and it reads "What dreams may come".
The inner triangle is symbolic of ones inner self and the outer triangle the mortal self.
This is not demonic, she is just in tune with her sense of spirituality, she is just canvassing her body with ink in the form of a tattoo! Her body her choice!
So the fashion police were at her court appearance it would seem , but what about real news reporting correspondents, following her legal situation! Were they present !
Theres more to report on than her apparell and with no disrespect intended, I wish the free press core would report on her life with objectivity and unbiastness, and lighten up on her as she has enuff going on with her legal issues with the courts. Courts do the judging and free fair news correspndents - report!
Like the late Bon Scott would say;-
Clark Kent looking for a free ride, think bout Lois Lane-
Its a bird its a plane, its a suicide - and that would be a shame!


well, a triangle is a gay symbol. back in the days of hitler, anyone suspected of being gay was required to wear a triangle. from a symbol of death, gays 'reclaimed' this iconic bad symbol and made it good.

Scott hill

When you're out and ready, look me up on the east coast and I will cover that thing with something beautiful. Forgivness. Mistakes don't have to be forever. -Scott-


There is obviously very wrong with this young woman and yet noone - not family, nor friends - are helping with the symptoms. She is hounded at every turn and her life is one which has turned out to be hell on earth. Why has noone tried to halt these behaviours. There must be some way of helping her to live a safe and normal existence without the constant hounding, goading and criticism with the cameras cataloguing her every move. There is a great part of me that feels sorry for her as she seems to have absolutely noone to turn to. She is a human being who lives a dreadful, lonely existence. Prison is not the answer - psychological help is the only way to stop these headlines and it is about time people realised it. It must be awful to be her.


This orange cracken needs a bath. Always looks dirty.her mom looked like she was holding her up


Lindsey has an "alcoholic" face. The bloating is not appealing. Wonder is she sees the difference in her face five years ago and now. Pre-alcohol or surgery or whatever she has done was definitely prettier.


"what dreams may come". Ugh. Another terrible, tacky tattoo.

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