Lindsay Lohan is a High-Class Escort, Michael Lohan Actually Says

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Lindsay Lohan is an actual, high-class escort who pays her bills by dating rich men, according to a new report ... using quotes from her father, Michael Lohan.

Just when you think you've heard everything.

Lindsay Lohan Boobs Picture

Desperate for money, the troubled actress has, celebrity gossip site Radar Online claims, begun offering up her "services" as a professional escort.

Bolstering this claim? None other than her dear ol' dad.

“She is getting paid to date rich men,” Michael Lohan said of his 26-year-old daughter. “Dina (Lindsay’s mother) is pimping her out ... it’s disgusting!”

MiLo isn't the only one dishing on her alleged new profession.

“The dates last for days, and the guys pay for everything - hotel, travel costs, food, whatever - as well as jewelry and other gifts,” someone close to her revealed.

No one is suggesting that Lohan is doing anything more than act as arm candy for rich playboys who like to be seen with beautiful and famous women.

However, that's definitely the implication of an "escort."

One of Lindsay’s most high profile clients? A man who is third in line to the throne of Brunei, a small country in Southeast Asia: Prince Haji Abdul Azim.

A billionaire playboy who loves American celebrities, he allegedly paid Lindsay a whopping $100,000 to join him in London for a New Year’s celebration.

Wealthy Spanish-American painter Domingo Zapata is another client who reportedly supported the troubled actress for much longer than a holiday.

“Domingo let Lindsay live in his penthouse at the Bowery Hotel in NYC for free and at his L.A. pad at Chateau Marmont [for months],” says one of his confidantes.

“They’re both super swanky," the source said, adding that there's no way a broke Lindsay Lohan could’ve afforded either of those trips on her own.

What do you think: Is Lindsay a hooker?


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Is there a difference between an escort, prostitute and whore? I thought she was a lesbian.


Seriously people.. do you really believe everything you hear about this girl? Who would believe anything that comes out of her parents mouth.. Yes she's a whack and has issues but the media wants you to believe everything you hear about this girl.. most of it being negative.. ever hear anything good about her about her? I'm not sticking up for her or her behavior, but just maybe she might have done some good in her life.. and the sad thing about it is the media will never focus on that?


Nothing surprises me about Lindsay Lohan. The next news I may be reading about her is having sex with other women.

@ Ernest

That already happened...


As a Hollywood insider who wrote the book on it, prostitution is the oldest profession in the world. It's the "dirty little secret" that knows no boundaries, ranging from street hookers to high class call girls, secretaries to housewives...and movie stars. As far back as the Golden Era, before they became movie stars struggling actresses seduced by the infamous "casting couch" learned to use their best assets, youth and beauty, to support themselves by dating for dollars. Although prostitution amongst the famous has always proven to be salacious gossip for the public, sex for money between consenting adults is an archaic law against one's civil rights of their own body and money that needs to be decriminalized! Cheri Woods
Author "Death Row Madam: Exposing sex and drugs in the entertainment industry"

@ Cheri Woods

Very well said. A girl goes to a bar and lets one or more guys (even other girls) buy her drinks. The ppl buying the drinks want to spend time with her. She allows this. She has in fact exchanged her time for something of value. Same is true when a girl allows a man to buy her dinner. Some ppl call this dating, but do prostitutes call what they do dating. Cash money, even now as opposed to historical days, does not differentiate the concept. Men are equally guilty. We do sell ourselves for money. We labor at construction jobs, the factory, the office. We in fact give up our minds and bodies for monetary gain. Thinking otherwise is being a hypocrit. By the way, nice to meet you.