Kendall Jenner: I Hate the Paparazzi!

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Kendall Jenner took to Twitter this week and made her feelings on the paparazzi very well-known:

She ain't a fan.

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"there's nothing that irritates me more than when people take pics of me/my family/ or anyone in this industry and do not ask," wrote the half-sister of Kim Kardashian.

Of course, Kendall failed to mention that this rarely occurs, as the Kardashians have deals in place with most agencies in which they alert photographers to their impending presence at various locations.

But we'll ignore that detail for now.

Continued Jenner:

"don't sit there taking pics of me as if I'm a statue, or an artifact in a museum. I can see you and it makes me uncomfortable. I'm a human being and it's very rude not to ask. you wouldn't appreciate it either."

Possibly true. But they may accept the trade-off of this irritation if it means millions of dollars for very little work.

Something to think about, Kendall.


Honey, without the paparrazi you and your family would not be famous. I tired of hearing about this family;famous for what?! Who cares?!


Oh please ,coming from a family of no talent reality people who starve for attention!! The sooner they go a way the better!!!

@ Snicker

She was born into this family. She couldnt help it that her mother pushes her into modelling jobs. She is currently expressing how she would like to be normal person. Leave her alone


Then don't feed them


said the MODEL!!!!!!! Foh

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