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Sorry, kangaroo at the airport. You’re no longer the cutest Australian marsupial to be featured on THG today. Meet the Quokka, who believe it or not, is actually real!

Unlike a number of Australian animals, the Quokka poses no threat to humans, and can be quite friendly … as the photo above probably made clear.

Sadly, their tameness may partially explain why, according to the Perth Zoo, the once-plentiful Quokka has drastically declined in numbers over the years.

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The adorable animal is currently listed as “vulnerable,” according to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, due to predation from foxes and dingoes.

Thanks to conservation efforts and fox control programs, their populations are recovering in some areas, bringing warmth and joy to all who see them.

Check out a few more photos below and try not to collapse due to cute overload: