Jon Gosselin Tax Lien: IRS Wants $39K From '09

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Jon Gosselin may have purchased a few too many Ed Hardy shirts back in the day, because he's been hit with a tax lien by the IRS - to the tune of $39,000.

Can you get a refund on hair plugs?

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The former THG fixture owes that much from just 2009 - the year Jon and Kate Gosselin split, and the last year he likely had any sort of stable income.

Since then, he's kinda faded into obscurity.

Despite all the money he made from celebrity gossip interviews and photos that year, according to papers filed in Berks County, Pa., Jon is still delinquent.

TMZ was not able to get a quote from Jon. Think is flip phone is still in service?

Given that Jon works a totally normal job again, and has eight kids to support, 39 grand might be tougher to scrounge up than back in his TLC heyday.

Let's hope he saved and invested well pre-divorce drama. We're sure he stashed his earnings away while the gettin' was good. Actually we're not.

We don't know him personally, but we sincerely doubt it.


Please tell me you people don't seriously think this guy is a sweetheart?! Have you forgotten that when he was with his girlfriend (you know, the one he cheated on his WIFE with, who he ended up cheating ON), he kept telling her "I can't understand why the pappos keep finding us", until, that is, she caught him on the phone telling them where she was going to be and what she was wearing (he was making bank by doing this scam). To which he tells her "scamming you was like taking candy from a baby" (well, DUH, a--hole, she IS a baby!!!), oh, and adds sugar to the mix by half-assed admitting cheating at the same time. What goes around comes around! I'm no fan of Octo-Barbie either--cps has been called on her more than once, animal cruelty charges (though dropped) were filed (and with the cps charges as they are, I think the animal charges were only dropped bc the animals went back), 2 of the kids were expelled from school (expelled?!??!). They both suck as people and as parents, and it's sad to see a future generation coming from a house like theirs

@ Becky Thornton

You are an idiot he is doing the best he can with dealing with 8 kids give the man a break


TLC done Jon wrong anyway! Kate must be sleeping with one of TLC executives because their top notch lawyers are always helping kate because when they were going to release the "Tell All Book of Kate Gosselin" they put a stop to it. Maybe because everything in that book is TRUE! The only time kate post something good on twitter is when someone helps promote her name! "The View" "Today Show" (ect) I wonder if she ever got her bipolar disorder under control! Kate needs a lot of psychological help! She lives in her own little world with her 8 kids, I feel sorry for her 8 because they are deprived fr Jon.


So did Kate leak this information? She does not get it?


I think kate made a deal with Jon and had Jon sign his part of their home to kate to pay her off on child support. I could picture kate laughing at Jon telling her kids their dad is a loser! thats the kind of animal kate is!


Is Jon not entitled to a share of their large home, surely he must have contributed to their homes when he was working full time, he is well rid of his obnoxious ex wife, who apparently has no relationship with her parents,brother and numerous friends she has belittled, America should get behind Jon not berate him, he put up with alot of insults and nasty remarks from Kate.


At the end of the day, I believe Jon is a much nicer and kinder person than Kate despite all of his well publicized mistakes.


Hey Roxy, as I recall Kate was very homely, overweight, crooked teeth, and bad mannered, so go figure, lol. Until Kate exploited her kids for money and then spend their money on appearance improvements.

Roxy noboa

Jon Gosselin is so unappealing, unattractive, ugly, etc. What could this woman have seen in him?

@ Roxy Noboa

Oh my, this is funny. Kate is the worthless loser, not Jon. Jon has made admitted mistakes as Kate continues to be under the illusion she is just plain perfect, ha, ha.

@ Roxy Noboa

Have you seen Kate?? Actually she didn't see much in him. On their show, Kate constantly berated, demeaned and nagged him. She also would bitch about his "glory" days when John was fit and had hair and how she wished he was like that again.


I hope this does not mean more child exploitation by either the mother Kate or father Jon. Both these parents are hideous by constantly airing their dirty family issues for so called fame with no talent.


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