Drunk Heidi Montag Just Wants to Bone Spencer Pratt

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It's brutal, but Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag must forego sex on the UK's Celebrity Big Brother ... well, aside from the one scene deemed too hot for TV.

It's a lot harder to get freaky, that's for sure.

Heidi Montag Touches Boobs

"I wanna get naughty," a drunk Heidi told Spencer on the reality show this week. "I want more. I want all of you. It's been too long. I'm in a drought."

Pratt then instructed her to finish her wine.

The spouses of nearly four years don't shy away from PDA (would you expect otherwise), so Spencer smacked that ass. "I like that a lot. Again, again!" Heidi slurred.

"What do I have to do to get more?

Montag then pinched Spencer Pratt's nipples and rubbed her hilariously huge DDD breasts as she danced alone in the living room after he went to take a leak.

When housemate Rylan Clark remarked that he'd never seen the 'Tag get drunk, Heidi said it's probably because CBB makes it so hard to get loose:

"Usually I'm the most fun drunk ever. It's hard here. I don't get to really be myself here at all because it's so intense. Normally I'm probably one of the nicest people."

Later that evening, Heidi Montag climbed into bed with Spencer - in the room they share with the other housemates. "Do you want me to roll on to you?" she whispered.

His response? "It feels like a jiu jitsu move. I'm already locked in."

You may now vomit on cue.


Spencer appears to be a narcissist and Heidi is being brainwashed, controlled and mentally abused by him. christian? That is the biggest joke, do either of them live by the morals of being a Christian? I dont think so..


Wow, talk about Stepford wives, can that woman actually function without him controlling her? What a revolting pair, do they even know what actual reality is any more? Typical pseudo Christians, turn the other cheek as long as it's not yours.


Well done spencer and Heidi Pratt! Now hated on both sides of the Atlantic. The special relationship between USA and UK continues! None of us want u!

Helen carson
@ buffyblue

yep they are NOT popular lol,very bitter people


God only knows how these 2 supposedly, "Christian" people can be so cruel and evil. The are the most horrid, disgusting couple. They find it funny and actually applauded seeing other peoples sadness. They won't be separated for a moment, even following each other to the bathroom.
The revolting Heidi even mastrubated him whilst everyone else was in the bedroom!
No words to describle how truly rotten and wicked these two are! They have not a single Christian bone between them. Truly spawn of the devil.


You are truly vial people


These two are hated and despised in UK!! Such a vile, selfish couple. No wonder USA don't want them!!!


speidi are a total disgrace to America.Boot them out and get them some mental help=they need it


yep they are close enough! close enough tonight for heidi to be giving a hand job! so much so for their comment to other housemates that they didn't want to be disrespectful by kissing each other on the show! their behaviour right accross the show is terrible they have been rude, nasty and backstabbing, a disgrace to the USA!


Can he get close enough to her to have sex? Just a thought

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