Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner Wedding Pic: Revealed!

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The runaway bride is now the beaming bride.

After walking out on her wedding and her groom in June 2011, Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner exchanged vows Sunday, saying "I Do" inside the 86-year old Playboy founder's iconic mansion.

Check out Crystal's Romona Keveza gown in this Twit pic:

Hugh Hefner Wedding Photo

So, what was different for the centerfold this time around?

"When the wedding didn't work out the first time, it was because of me," Harris told Us Weekly. "I needed to explore out there and take the time away [from Hef and the Mansion].

"The time away really helped make me realize that where I'm meant to be is here with Hef. Our relationship is better than it ever has been before. I'm very happy and Hef's very happy and we're excited."

Congratulations to the totally normal couple!


i hate men that are oppotunists. there are many men like Hefner in poor countries where they use thier money to opress the poor. e.g, old men go to very poor families to look for little girls. the parents of the girls are even younger than the old men. the old men gives her and her parents money for food, maintanance etc and that is how they use the oppotunities to marry girls that could be thier grand daughters. I dont know why men does not have human feeling. e.g, when a guy is too young, a woman always have a mother and son feeling for the guy. the highest a woman can date is a guy about 30 yrs younger e.g Madonna. although many women will see a boy 20 yrs younger as thier sons already. For men, they can marry babies, girls that they could be 30, 40 50 or 60 yrs older than. where is the father or grand father feeling gone to? why is he using hi power (money) as a weapon? that is not fair of men. can he give his kids or grand kids to a man as old as he is? NO. so why is he doing this to otherĀ“s children and grand children? this man is an idiot


Anyone that hates on them is plain jealous. Come on, who doesn't love a guy with money, power and the ability to indulge every whim? Consequently, what guy (no matter what age) doesn't love a beautiful sexy woman and sex???? He can have it (buy it) whatever you want to call it so let him enjoy. Women everywhere do the same thing guys---get what we want with our bodies and looks---no matter what our age :)


Everytime I see photos of Hugh Hefer like this I just feel sorry for his life. He is literally buying these "beautiful" women around him with his money and that is a sad life.


Have lost all respect for him because he keeps grasping at his youth through affairs, sex and marriage with young women. Grow old gracefully Hugh. It isn't all that bad, and it shows one has class, and it doesn't keep embarrassing one's children like chasing young skirt does.


If he was the normal joe he would never be with these women that are 60 years younger than him. And for these women... They only use him for his money. He likes them young... And they love his money. So why not


I have a feeling that all of the other chicks in the Playboy mansion are already feeling jealous and catty...LOL!!!!!


there's not fool like an old fool.....oh, wait a minute...yes there is....there's the young fool - anything for money, I guess. But I can't imagine there will be times when she has to keep her eyes closed and her libido left unattended to.


Doesn't the bimbo realize that sausage and eggs have EXPIRED. How can she lay or even look at that dirty old man. No doubt that nothing past his neck is working. Men his age even drip urine when they cough. EEEEWWWWWW.

@ Eva

Sorry had to stop had to go throw up.

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