Courtland Rogers on Jenelle Evans Nude Pics: She's Way Hotter Now!

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Jenelle Evans' husband Courtland Rogers is defending her honor in the wake of this week's nude photo scandal ... while noting that her new fake boobs are unreal.

In more ways than one.

Jenelle and Courtland Rogers

The rapid-fire Jenelle Evans nude photos Tweeted by her former boss and frequent adversary James Duffy humiliated the Teen Mom 2 star this week.

Fortunately, she doesn't have to face her demons alone this time.

She’s got a big supporter and defender in her new husband, who says Duffy is a "sick pervert" who should leave them alone and stay out of their lives.

“We just want him to leave us alone. We’re married now and we’re happy and he needs to get a life and quit talking about us!” Rogers told Radar.

Their Twitter war with Duffy was intense, but Court says he's unfazed - and committed.

“Jenelle is my wife now, and that is my own treasure that should be seen only by me in private,” Rogers tells the gossip site. “Jenelle is not a porn star!”

First-ever use of the words "Jenelle" and "treasure" in the same sentence? Probably, but it's a nice sentiment from her spouse of almost six weeks.

As for the porn star claim, she certainly looked the part in the graphic, full-frontal nudes.

Seriously. Duffy must have tapped that six ways from Sunday. Girl is not at all shy. However, as Courtland Rogers notes, the pics aren't even new.

“That picture is so old! She still has her old boobs; now that she’s had a boob job she has an even better body than that,” her proud partner boasts.

Glad to hear it, Courtland. Glad to hear it. Stay strong you too.

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why doesnt she ever take pics with her child? And yet I heard she is pg again. Sickening.