Amanda Bynes Face Piercing: Hot or Not?

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Amanda Bynes, everybody. Now with a pierced face!

The increasingly erratic actress posted the image below on Tumblr yesterday, showing off her new look. Reaction online was ... about what you'd think it would be.

Amanda Bynes Pierced Cheek

"Dear Amanda Bynes, we get it ... you're bat s**t crazy," posted one Twitter fan. "Amanda Bynes has her cheek pierced.... She's a mess dude," wrote a second.

"Yesssssss she's killin it. New Lohan," said another, in a brutal insult ... or huge compliment, depending on how you look at it or what you're going for.

Amanda Bynes' cheek piercing: Your take?


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Ears, eyebrow, lip, nose. Nothing else. I don't know why people think they have to piece every part of their body. It's gross.


Me, I'm thinkin' "zit pastie", or, tragic bedazzler accident.


Why is she a hott mess because she put a microderm in her dimple. A lot of people do that. Yes the girls has some problems but this is not one. I have microderms in my back dimple...several other piercings...and tattoos....that doesnt mean Im a mess. And I have a good career and a stable home. Again I know the girl has problems but this cannot be equated with those...


She was so HOT and SEXY, Not so much now. She has become rich trailer trash. Somebody HELP her.


Creator has given you beauty.