Westboro Baptist Church: Hacked By Anonymous After Sandy Hook Picketing Threat!

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The hacker network Anonymous has released what it claims to be a cache of personal details on the members of the extremist Westboro Baptist Church.

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    While I respect Anonymous and most everything they stand for, I respectfully state that I...UNDER MY OWN PROTOCOL AND WITHOUT THE SUPPORT OF ANONS (although I certainly presented it to them) was the single solitary entity that Doxed Westboro Baptist members in April of '12. I also had 4 phone conversations with Shirley Phelps and a recorded interview. I appreciate Anons for distributing the Dox to the rest of the world BUT since then the members of Westboro have become more secluded and will not allow another interview with me. Thanks a lot for isolating the information Anonymous...you've done enough. Now please leave these crazies alone or do what Anons do best and shut their asses down.


    It's kind of funny that the Westboro Church is acting and saying exactly what the Bible says. Yet they are hated by this "Christian" nation. Remember, God destroyed almost every human being because he was mad at some of them. Westboro says EXACTLY what you Christians believe.

    @ Hypocrisy

    Don't be a fag. God isn't real. They are simply hate crimes.


    Westboro is a cult, not a church.
    And you don't mess with Anon.


    Almost ALL (so-called) Christians forget to keep the 4th commandment. Which, according to James 2:10. is the same as taking a life. Sin is sin. My heart goes out to everyone affected by the tragedy, but Victoria is right, sort of.

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