Adrienne Maloof Bashes Brandi Glanville for Inappropriate Children Comments

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Adrienne Maloof is peeved at her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co star.

On last week's episode of the Bravo hit, Maloof and her now-ex husband got into a fiery exchange with Glanville over comments the latter made regarding her Adrienne's family.

Even Brandi has admitted she went to far when she talked of a Maloof family "bombshell."

Maloof, Adrienne
Brandi Glanville Photograph

But Maloof isn't ready to let Glanville off the hook.

"From the very beginning of the show, I set parameters and made it clear that my children would not be in the storyline," Maloof tells Us Weekly, adding:

"It is my right, as a mother, to protect the innocence of my young children on my timetable. I am shocked that Brandi, as a mother, would do something so hurtful to gain attention and relevance at the expense of other's."

Shocked? Really?!? Have you met Brandi Glanville, Adrienne?

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