The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Who's the Mean Girl Now?

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The Real Housewives of Beverly HIlls brought back "Oy, Faye" to do Kyle's dirty work. We recap all the bullying and back stabbing in our THG +/- review...

The Kyle Richards Look

We revisit Paul and Adrienne's tirade at Mauricio's event and Kyle's very upset about Brandi throwing out the F-word.

Hmm… apparently Paul screaming and calling Brandi a b*tch multiple times is OK though because in Kyle's opinion he's just defending his wife. Minus 12 for the double standard.

Taylor's practically hyperventilating. That type of violent behavior from a man towards a woman hits all of her buttons but Kyle's got little sympathy for the former abuse victim.  According to Kyle, "This is not about you, Taylor. Moving on."  Minus 15.

Taylor takes her moment to make a dig about the tendency these women have for exploiting personal issues to the public. She's still ticked off at Camille for revealing her husband's abuse on camera.  

Camille insists this is completely different but Minus 20 because how the heck are we suppose to know if no one will let the viewers in on Adrienne's big secret?

Finally Kyle gets around to telling off her sister. Plus 10. Kim definitely could have picked a more private moment to break the bad news…whatever it may be.

Kim insists she was just being a good friend…but she fails to realize she was being a lousy sister.

But Kim does bring up a good point.  This entire mess started because Kyle pushed Brandi for answers about her rift with Adrienne.  Minus 9. She got her answers. Be careful what you wish for.

Yolanda manages to stay out of the fray. She's off with her personal trainer and now I see how she keeps her model figure. Plus 18.  Not to mention that her trainer is 57 and looks 37.  Talk about a testament to the power of exercise.

Kim takes her son Chad who is turning 21 to Vegas for his birthday. Before going she checks out the AA meetings there. Plus 25. That's a positive step for being prepared for the inherent challenges of a party town like Las Vegas and shows that Kim's taking responsibility for her sobriety.

She also blew off her sister who didn't get an invite to the party.  I suppose Kim just didn't need one more stressor and right now that's what Kyle is for her.

Luckily for Kim, she's out of town when Kyle manages to throw yet another dinner party from Hell.

Kyle considers disinviting Brandi but decides that would be rude.  Minus 20 because apparently letting one guest bully another isn't.

So once again we get to spend an evening with Faye.  Why?  The woman is a loud mouth bully. She's also a good friend of Adrienne so anyone with half a brain can see where this is headed.  

Brandi Glanville admits she would have backed out of the party if Kyle had wanted her to.  Plus 10. I'm sure she wishes she had.

Instead Kyle encouraged her to come so she could deal with Faye.  Brandi tries to side step the issue but Faye's not about to let it go.  

Then Faye and Kyle insist that Brandi needs to send Adrienne flowers and an apology.  Minus 13. Seriously, does anyone think a bouquet of flowers is going to fix this? 

Everyone at the table is completely uncomfortable except for Faye who is in her glory.

If Kyle wasn't the biggest trouble maker of the group she'd tell her guest that this was no longer a topic of discussion and move things along.  Minus 22.  She's not about to do that because she loves the drama as much as anyone no matter what she says.

When Marisa tries to point out that this is a private matter between Adrienne and Brandi, Faye will have none of it.  Not only won't she let Marisa have a part of the conversation, she continues to harass Brandi until she leaves. Minus 25.

With all of their talk about mean girls, Kyle and Faye only need to look in a mirror to find them.



Minus 1000 for Mauricio. What an unattractive way for a man to act--he needs to get out of the beauty parlor and grow a pair. His facial expressions and talk with kyle? Dude! Are you like the seventh housewife? Dont sit there and lecture about gossiping while. You. Are. Gossiping. Not the brightest bulb in the box...


Kyle is the mean girl ! not only that a two face hypocrit ! her and her husband so are after Adrienne's and Paul's commission for selling or buying homes and Brandi adds nothing to their bank account, so they justified Pau yelling and cllng a women a b*tch at their event ! shame on Mauricio and every man that stood by and did nothing !


Paul and Adrienne have been nitpicking at each other since day one. I've never seen any love between the two of them....
I think the biggest bitch of all is Brandi and she should have never been on the show after last year. I mean she is in someways worse than Teresa Guidice......this one is a whore too....and possible druggie....Not that what Leanne Rimes did was right but I don't blame Eddie for leaving her...he could have done it in a better way....Get Brandi the druggie ho bag off the show. And Lisa should know better than to associate with such trash...


I love brandy ... The gossip needs to stop !!!


Faye says what she thinks. I think Kyle rocks !


As we all seen yet again Kyle has to bring the has been Porno star to harass the people who cross her. Neither one have brains nor class and duh your right, how many times do we have to watch Kyle do the splits. Grow up and check yourselves into rehab for manners and class. You go Brandi and don't let anyone including The Maloof who looks like a hoof run you off. She is just looking for validation since she has no brains, beauty or personality.


And who is this "fay" character to begin with ? Does this woman want to reclaim her 15 minutes of fame on the national tv ? At least Brandi would tell it as it is, and so is Lisa. And the rest, especially Camille, so ditzy and out of zone ! Kyle is wishy-washy and her sister, Kim...boy, she needs help and Taylor.... Oh well...., Yolanda needs to show her claws and I hope they'll add Marissa in, she seems sweet.




I could not have said it better. Kyle and Faye are the biggest means girls alive. They mainly Faye came to attack Brandi, and when anyone tried to defend her (Lisa and Marisa) they completely dismissed them. I am so happy the Brandi show the class and left the table because she did not deserve that at all. Kyle has had a problem with Brandi since day one (jealously, insecure, etc) and really doesn't want her involved in the show. I can't stand her! I hope she get exposed really soon for the true person she is.#teambrandiandlisa


Kyle is a moron. She isn't cute. She isn't funny. She still thinks doing the splits is cool. It's not. Her hair has no style. She has no style. She isn't even witty enough to be called "catty". She is a yawn made into a person. Her life has been lived a thousand times. As a meter of fact, her life is a yellow box with black writing on it that just says "Kyles Generic Existence". Give me more Kim.

@ Duh

Faye, whatever her nobody last name is, is such a useless piece of labia skin. No one cares about her opinion. If I were Brandi, I would have took a dump on her fugly face to add to the piles of cum that have already been dropped on it. It would have been an improvement on that double barrelled shotgun nose she has. Why is she even allowed a speaking part? It just shows what a useless turd molded into a form of a flabby woman that Kyle is. Melted turds can't form thoughtful words to calm their swamp donkey friends at dinner parties either.

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