Taylor Swift Named Most Charitable Celebrity of 2012

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One of the best-selling artists of the past year, Taylor Swift didn't waste all her money on Match.com profiles. Far from it, in fact.

The 23-year old star was named by DoSomething.org as the top "celeb gone good" in 2012, donating more money to charity than any other famous person out there.

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T. Swizzle leaped from #20 in 2011 to #1 this year mostly due to her $4 million donation to the Country Hall of Fame museum.

She was even recognized by the Robert F. Kennedy Center for her charitable efforts.

Rounding out the organization's top five best givers were: Miley Cyrus (who specializes in animal rescue causes, along with the Make-A-Wish Foundation); Channing Tatum; Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber.

Kim Kardashian failed to make the Top 20. But she did use Facebook a lot!


She deserves to be number one. She helped so much people and made them happy. She donated money and wrote/dedicated a song for the people with cancer. She gave 10,000 dollars for a a school of deaf kids. And yep, the Kennedy award something. And Donated some for many orphanage. Helped/Donated some for the victims of typhoon, earthquakes. She's so beautiful inside and out.

@ iiiveL

Got that right iiiveL. I thought you were just saying those stuff because you're a swiftie. but then again i searched it and it's all true! I agree here, she is beautiful inside and out!

@ Sean

yeah, she wrote a song I think it's called Ronan. If I remember correctly She dedicated it for a 4 year old boy with cancer named ronan . then dedicated it to all of people with cancer.


Taylor I am your most biggest fan on the planet. Do you know how because if someone I know goes to one of your concerts and I'm not there I will literally cry. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH.


I can not believe that I went to Taylor swift concert and she Rock like alway's awesome the "BEST CONCERT YET"!!!!!!! "I can NOT WAIT until I go see Taylor swift NEXT YEAR"!!!!!!!.


these are TRICKY eyes in america!!


Honour well deserved


WOW! A whole Taylor Swift article without one mention of Harry Styles, congratufuckinglations THG! What's gotten into you as of late, have you finally gotten your head out of your asses and realized that the "Haylor" relationship is a publicity ploy?!

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