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It’s starting to appear that Katy Perry and John Mayer are taking things to the next level. He went home with her … to her parents’ house on Christmas!

The couple, after dating for a few months, spent Christmas together.

“They’re both very happy together and with her family for the holidays,” says a People source. “John really likes getting to know Katy’s family better.”


The couple are also getting serious about their relationship.

“They’ve spent a lot of time together and really enjoy each other’s company,” says the source of the two singers. “John is entirely focused on Katy.”

As for recent celebrity gossip reports that the d-bag has been flirting with other women and that Perry discovered text messages on his phone?

“That is absolutely not true. John would never do that to her.”

“Katy really trusts John.”

Never seems like a bit of a stretch, given the 35-year-old’s track record, but we’re glad they’re happy at least, especially after her 2011 Christmas.

Last December around this time, the 28-year-old and her then-husband Russell Brand filed for divorce. Their marriage officially ended this past July.

John Mayer and Katy Perry: Hot or not?