NRA Page Goes Dark on Facebook

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The National Rifle Association's Facebook page isn't accessible, and its Twitter account is radio silent three days after the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

NRA Logo

Only a Facebook page for the NRA blog remains posted. The last item shared at 6:30 a.m. Friday (before the school shootings) was about the "Friends of NRA" TV show.

On Twitter, Friday was also the last day the NRA tweeted, at 6:36 a.m.: "10 Days of NRA Giveaways — Enter today for a chance to win an auto emergency tool!"

The blog is described as an "official inside look at the NRA's Programs" like "Shooting Championships, National Firearms Museum, Law Enforcement, Education & Training."

The day before, on Twitter, the NRA said: "Did you hear? Our #facebook page reached 1.7 million 'likes' today! Thanks for being a friend!" and this photo was posted:

NRA Facebook

Yet those 1.7 million likes, tied to the NRA's main Facebook page, could not be seen as of Monday night. The group has yet to comment on its page's absence.

It it does not appear that Facebook itself took action, one way or another, regarding the NRA page. Online, the NRA's news site continues to be viewable.

No news of Friday's horror in Newtown, Conn., appears on it.

The firearms association is likely to be under heavy scrutiny amid a renewed gun control debate and a push for a new assault weapons ban in 2013.

NRA officials and members have long maintained that gun regulations are unconstitutional, not to mention impractical and ineffective in curbing violence.

Do you think it's time for more/tougher gun control?


"Grizzly Adams"-people maybe need a rifle or two.
but for people who live close to schools and other public areas it should be forbidden!!

@ baja

Yes because we all know gun free zones magically block bad people from going into the area to use their stolen or illegally owned guns. LOL Great logic there.


The gigs up. The Neurotic Redneck Alliance are done. They have plenty of blood on their hands.

@ Ken

Blood? Kind of like Obama with Libya and Fast & Furious? Try again!

@ Ken

Neurotic Redneck Alliance.. so apt!
Good one!

@ tequila911

You get dumber by the day.

@ Ken

HAHAHAHAH sure,think that if it makes you feel better bozo.

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