Not in the Kards: Who Will Break Up First?

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Is a Kris Jenner divorce on the horizon? What about a Khloe Kardashian divorce?

And, hey, is Kim Kardashian pregnant?

With rumors continuing to swirl around the main couple's that comprise the First Family of Reality Television, it's time to take stock of these relationship and decide: who is in for the long haul? And who will soon be seeking a new mate?

Vote now, readers:  Which couple will split first?

And the Winner is?

Kim and Kanye? Khloe and Lamar? Kris and Bruce? Which couple among this family will call it quits first? View Poll »

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Not in the Kards: Who Will Break Up First?
The vid is HQ which makes me happy
You are welcome)


keep kim and kanye to together this year 2013 started new family


The question I'd like to ask is, Which is going to be bigger? Kim's baby bump or her butt? The second question is, how fat is she going to get and how long will it take her to shed it, cause I think she's about to turn into a cow.


I hope all of there relationships and marriages are blessed. The media has truly forgotten that the Kars are human with hearts. I wish you guys the best from my heart, Kim, Khloe, Jenner. Thanks for great Reality TV. You guys are the only genuine Reality TV that should be running right now.


One year from now, I'm going to guess: Kris and Bruce will still be together. Khloe and Lamar will still be together. And Kim and Kanye will tie the knot, this time in a more private wedding, which is what Kim has said she wants, to avoid the previous backlash. Rumors are rumors. Celebrities in general have to deal with the tabloids and the garbage they spew, the Kardashian family has to deal with it even more, being that they sneeze and the tabloids talk.

@ Matthew518

Perhaps, but Kim needs to get a divorce first. She has jeopardized her fortune getting pregnant by one guy before getting divorced from another. Dumb move!!!


IMO Bruce and Kris was over years ago, Khole will do anything to keep her marriage together because she want people to think she has achieved something her sisters can't and Kim and Kanye will continue to pose for the cameras as long as people are interested in them. LOL. I think Kris and Bruce will be the first ones to announce they are separating.


Omg I am so happy I'm not famous! I wouldn't want people guessing if I was going to break up with my boyfriend or not!


I think the persons from whom you didn't expect it.
.......bruce & kris. Khloe(klux klan) & Lamar second best!! (but I just hope kim & the black f*ggot)