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Stop the presses, but reprint the same headline we’ve seen multiple times over the past couple months: Katt Williams has been arrested.

The comedian was booked last night on charges of child endangerment. And here’s why:

An investigation by the Department of Children and Family Services determined there were multiple guns and illegal drugs in Katt’s home, leading to a dangerous hazard for his four kids.

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As of this writing, Williams remained in custody, held on $100,000 bail, while the children were placed in protective custody.

The arrest may lead to felony charges for Williams.


It’s been a rough few weeks for the celebrity.

There was the Katt Williams arrest for assault in November; the time Katt Williams slapped an employee at Target; and the time just one week ago when he was booked for a disturbance… while waiting for Suge Knight to finish his mani/pedi.

No, really.

UPDATE: Williams is not free on bond, but he’s confused. Approached by TMZ about the arrest, he asked that site’s cameraman:

How do you keep kids safe without guns?