Melissa Nelson, Dental Assistant, Fired For Being Too Hot

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Apparently 32-year-old Melissa Nelson is simply too attractive to work as a dental assistant in the Iowa practice of 53-year-old D.D.S. James Knight.


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    Just heard about this on a re-run of Tosh.0. I'm honestly shocked this happened, not the firing part but the fact that the Iowa Supreme Court ruled it legal. The woman Melissa should file an appeal with the United States Supreme Court because what happened was gender discrimination. She should sue that dentist and his practice for everything he's worth.


    The good news is she won't have any problem finding a job. If this story gets enough publicity, maybe she will get an offer from Playboy...


    Melissa deserves some kind of compensation or at least unemployment... Dr Knight was totally to blame., He should have acted more professionally.
    I am a Dental Assistant and have seen similar situations....Oh please! She wore scrubs....

    @ Lauren

    she ought to have understood that her clothing distracted and hence correction was recommended. am a hrm and i do understand her was worth it,family first.


    My comments directed at Sruggsy.


    LMAO when i read your comments. You are obviously struggle living in society with this attitude.


    It looks like the dentist engaged in inappropriate behavior and Ms. Nelson welcomed it. The court was right.


    It's refreshing to see evidence of a court that hasn't turned activist yet and rules based on law and not political correctness. In a right to work state the Doc was within his legal rights to let her go. It's his private business. Good job by the Iowa Supreme Court.


    This is proof that things has not changed women are still judged on their looks.


    In my posting from a few minutes ago, I meant to say the word sounds instead of the word sound. MY BAD!!!!! Peace.


    To me, this whole situation horribly REEKS of hypocrisy and stupidity. And, that James Knight dude sound like a real dirtbag, hypocrite and moron. Most of all, that Melissa Nelson chick has a very strong case and ought to sue that idiot dentist...ASAP!!!!!

    @ jaybird369

    Umm, she did sue him. She lost. You never got past the headline, did you?

    @ Sruggsy

    You're right. I stand corrected.

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