Kristen Stewart Fashion Choice: Faux Pas or Fantastic?

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Kristen Stewart walked the red carpet of the On the Road premiere in New York City last night, but for once the Internet isn't abuzz over her status with Robert Pattinson.

But rather over what the heck the actress was wearing for the event.

Yes, she's donning Christian Louboutin on her feet... but the two-piece, retro, sheer top and bottom? Can't say we're a fan.

Kristen Stewart, All Smiles
Kristen Stewart Fashion Choice

Are you? What do you think of this Kristen Stewart fashion choice?


I feel that the media attention given to Kristen Stewart is completely unfair and uncalled for. How many stars, one of your favorite being Angelina, has been guilty of cheating, along with a multitude of other stars (men and women) and yet undue and unprecedented attention has been aimed at Kristen Stewart and she has been called foul names both in person and on the internet and made a laughingstock, while others, like Beyoncé, JLow and so many others can get by with dressing half naked and little is said about them. What is the deal with "slapping" this young girl around and her treated terrible while Angelina is "Hollywood"s little darling (along with her cheating mate as well). I call this treatment of Kristen totally uncalled for and unfair (and I'm using my language carefully). This young woman does not deserve the treatment given her while others are treated like royalty and their activities swept under the rug. There's a volume I'd like to say about this.


Her face and behaveiour is ugly, so the rest doesn't matter at all.


This chick always looks constipated.


Who the fuck cares? It looks great on her. What makes you people think you have the right to have any say in what anyone wears? She could be wearing a rainbow poncho with knee high rain boots for all I care.


Maybe not the best choice for her... but I like the way she had it re-done... the original was a long see through with the hot pants..... hers is better... it is Kristen.


seems like she didnt notice her dress was seee through


It would look hideous on anyone with a less than perfect figure, but Kristen looks hot in it, just as she does in pretty much anything she wears. Suck it up, all the jealous unshapely girls who say they hate it!

@ TeeCee

Trust me. Jealously is pretty much the last reason why many people are hating this hideous outfit on this hideous girl... She's pretty much walking around in granny underwear and bra

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