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Kristen Stewart may not be getting back together with Robert Pattinson - considering she hasn't even seen her ex in months - but the actress is getting into bed with one of the world's most respected brands.

She's been named the new face of Chanel.

Kristen Stewart in a Cap

Sources confirm that Stewart will lead the company's 2013/2014 Métiers d’Art Paris-Dallas collection, as she was on hand yesterday in Dallas during a show in honor of this new line.

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Take this, Robert Pattinson?

Amidst rumors (since shot down) that her ex-boyfriend was dating her ex-colleague (RIley Keough), Kristen Stewart celebrated the 4th of July by attending the Zuhair Murad fashion show in Paris.

And looking darn sexy while doing so!

The actress rocked a black silk and lace jumpsuit from the designer's collection, staring into the camera with her typical seriousness on the red carpet.

Compare it below to her biker chic outfit from earlier in Paris Fashion Week:

  • Kristen Stewart Sheer Outfit
  • Kristen Stewart with Lace

What do you think of this look on Kristen Stewart?


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Kristen Stewart is busy changing up her look these days.

First, the actress got her first tattoo.

And now the former Twilight Saga star is striking a couple poses across the pond as part of Paris Fashion Week, as she's seen here on the red carpet of Tuesday’s Chanel show.

  • Kristen Stewart at Fashion Week
  • Kristen Stewart Fashion Week Photo

Stewart is single, but might Robert Pattinson be lured back by a look we can only describe as "biker chic?"

What do you make of Kristen's gloves and overall look above?


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Kristen Stewart put on her very serious face for last night's Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Rarely one to light up the red carpet with her smile on any occasion, the actress embraced the evening's punk theme by dressing head-to-toe in a dark shade of red, all designed by Stella McCartney.

And by staring intensely into every camera she passed, as you can see here:

Kristen Stewart MET Gala Fashion

Among other unique looks at the event:

React now to Stewart's unusual look. What do you think?


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It's a repeat for Kristen Stewart.

For the second consecutive year, the Twilight Saga star has been named the Best Dressed Woman in Hollywood.

Kristen Stewart on the Street

And Stewart knocked off some impressive competition in order to earn the honor from Glamour UK, defeating Emma Watson (#2) and Kate Middleton (#3) among other fashionable female celebrities.

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Let's face it: Kristen Stewart did not make the best impression on the Academy Awards stage last night.

How strange was her presentation alongside Daniel Radcliffe? Viewers are wondering if Kristen Stewart was stoned.

But did the actress at least fare better on the red carpet of this major event? Most experts believe so. Check out her gown now:

  • Kristen Stewart Oscars Dress
  • Kristen Stewart Academy Awards Dress
  • Kristen Stewart at the Oscars

What do you make of this Kristen Stewart fashion choice? Sound off now and grade the look:


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Kristen Stewart walked the red carpet of the On the Road premiere in New York City last night, but for once the Internet isn't abuzz over her status with Robert Pattinson.

But rather over what the heck the actress was wearing for the event.

Yes, she's donning Christian Louboutin on her feet... but the two-piece, retro, sheer top and bottom? Can't say we're a fan.

  • Kristen Stewart, All Smiles
  • Kristen Stewart Fashion Choice

Are you? What do you think of this Kristen Stewart fashion choice?


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Ready to run it back, Twihards?

Kristen Stewart walked the red carpet of the UK premiere of Breaking Dawn Part 2 last night, once again rocking a provocative, sheer outfit for all to see.

We've already asked for your take on her Los Angeles premiere dress, so now let's gauge opinion on the following black number:

  • Kristen Stewart on the Red Carpet
  • Kristen Stewart at UK Premiere

Yes, Kristen Stewart posed again with Robert Pattinson. She also tried to win him over with this sexy selection.

What do you think of the fashion choice? Do you like it?


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Kristen Stewart walked the red carpet of the Breaking Dawn Part 2 premiere last night at the Nokia Theatre, actually posing for a photo with Robert Pattinson at one point and creating quite the buzz.

But let's face it: not a lot was revealed about the status of this rumored couple at the event.

Not compared to the Zuhair Murad gown Stewart donned, at least. Damn! Take a closer look at both sides of that thing now:

  • Kristen Stewart Premiere Dress
  • Kristen Stewart Sheer Dress

What do you think of this fashion choice? Grade it now:


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They're about to butt heads in Snow White and the Huntsman, so let's give Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron a taste of what they're in for, shall we?

The former stars in the aforementioned film as the iconic title character, while the latter takes on the apple-armed role of a certain evil queen. Who will come out on top in their fairy tale-based battle? Buy a ticket on June 1 and find out.

But who looked better at this week's London premiere of the movie? You can answer that question below. And don't mind Stewart's expression, she's just bored...

Fashion Face-Off!

Kristen Stewart or Charlize Theron? Which actress walked the green grass better at the Snow White and the Huntsman premiere? View Poll »

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