Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Rocks Twitter: The Best Reactions

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We already know how family members feel about the Kim Kardashian pregnant news: happy and blessed!

But what about the rest of the Internet?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: Expecting

Putting aside the boring, sincere reactions - such as Demi Lovato gushing over the ("So happy for you @KimKardashian.. Love you SO much and I'm so excited to babysit!!") announcement - scroll down for the funniest responses from a rapt Twitterverse...

Joel McHale: Congrats to @kimkardashian & @kanyewest on their baby. I hope it has Kim's eyes, Kanye's smile, & Bruce Jenner's pterodactyl facial bones.

Andy Borowitz: It's so weird to think that Kim Kardashian has sex even when we're not watching.

Seth Meyers: I hope Kim and Kanye are prepared for the inevitable "Who's Kimye?" question 5 years from now. #expectfollowups

Andrew Kaczynski: We are heading over the fiscal --OH MY GOD KANYE DID WHAT!

Andy Levy: well at least we know kim let kanye finish

Damien Fahey: I'm excited for Kim Kardashian's doctor to perform the ultrasound and yell, "Congratulations! It's a marketing opportunity!"

Bill Simmons: Why isn't "Kim and Kanye are gonna make awesome parents!" trending?

Patrick Sandberg: I'm so happy for Kim for finally getting everything she's pretended she's always wanted.


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Kim Kardashian Pregnancy Rocks Twitter: The Best Reactions
Seems homemade to me


Excellent! Generally I never read complete articles but the way you wrote this information and facts is merely amazing and this kept my interest in reading and I enjoyed it.


Hi! Bruce Jenner here and I have to admit I'm embarrassed yet again by the family. (At least Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, and Rob aren't mine biologically! LOL!) It's bad enough that Rob is a total loser and leeches off the family, especially Khloe and Lamar. Well, guess that's a good thing-otherwise he might be sponging off of me and Chris and I'd have to let him move into our house. Then we have Kourtney, who's had 2 children now out of wedlock. Well, at least they have the same father! LOL...Now Kim, a 2 time loser in the marriage department, goes and gets pregnant (baby's daddy is black, so what else is new! LOL!) and while technically still married to Kris Humphries, who she left, probably because he was only 1/2 black. LOL..Reminds me of the Lisa Lampanelli joke-she's had more black d-cks inside her than a urinal in the men's room at the Apollo. ROFLMAO! Even Khloe's brains have to be questioned-she married Lamar after dating him for what, 2 weeks or less...No wonder this family is so messed up..should be called the Karcrashians....Anywhooo, hopefully my 2 girls Kylie and Kendall will turn out to be normal as in date a guy for a while, then get married, then have children-as opposed to the Kardashian philosophy which is to have children, then date the guy for a while, and then maybe get married. It's a good thing the E network is paying us all this money-otherwise I'd be out of here...I've got better things to do with my time-like playing golf...LOL...


does she realize she can't "return" a baby- this trick is always after some kind of attention ughh she's nasty af and Kanye is a stupid mf, if they have a daughter is she going to be like mommy and have a sex tape for all the world to see? ew


I think it's great that Kim is finally having a baby with the man she loves. It's wonderful! She is truly blessed. It's a good thing to see her so happy and focused again. Congrats to both of them.


Why do all u haters have to b so mean? I'm really happy for her. A baby is a blessing. So what if she is still leagally married to that piece of crap bb player. Why should she have to give him an annulment? Why doesnt he give her a divorce? She is not an adultress. She has been trying to get a divorce from that idiot for over a year now. And since u haters r so determined to call her an adultress, what do u call shithead hump? Most of u imply that he is a saint. He is the one who started sleeping with someone shortly after Kim filed for divorce and then he lied about it. Kim didnt start seeing Kanye until April. Or is this one of those double standards that comes along with shithead hump? Its ok for him to see someone but when Kim sees someone she is considered an adultress. That idiot needs to quit all this bs about taking it to trial and let her have the divorce so they can all get on with their lives. And I really think Kim and Kanye will make wonderful parents.

@ Deon

Deon, you are correct. Kris does one thing, people ignore it. Kim does the same thing and gets ridiculed. The haters clearly have an agenda. The media also has an obvious agenda.
Legally, they are still married. But, I don't think either one looks at them as a couple anymore. It would only be classified as "cheating" if they were still together, which is clearly not the case.
In my opinion, Kris is keeping this going to keep his name out there. Obviously, his NBA career can't do it. Due to the prenup, Kris isn't getting squat from Kim, other than the fame she's already gotten him.

@ Deon

Give me some of whatever you're smoking! hahaha

@ Deon

You forgot to mention the most important part and that is that Kris Humphries had also gotten his new girlfriend pregnant ... several months ago shortly after separately from Kim! So whose the real adulterer here?




Anyone know who any of those people are? Comedians? Actors? I've never heard of a single one. Oh well, reality TV's my thing, don't follow much else. They are going to hate, Kim seems to be the one people like ridiculing. Hollywood is threatened by reality TV, with it's popularity, so they take it out on the most recognizable reality star. Congrats to Kim and Kanye, it can't be said enough, they'll make great parents, I'm sure.


Wow, nothing like publicizing your commonplace ADULTERY and ILLEGIMATE OFFSPRING... :( blahhhh...c'mon!! But, it's not like her sister hasn't set such an example!...She doesn't want to be left out in Hollywood --like Jessica Simpson...blahhh!


Now give you true husband his annulement... for the sham of your marriage to him, just to make millions.... you adulterous...... Kanye West announced that Kim Kardashian Pregnant on the Stage Video, and Kim's Baby Bump Pics HERE

@ Jay Ria

Kris Humphries got his new girlfriend pregnant ... several months ago, shortly after separating from Kim, so whose the real adulterer here? Sheesh!

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